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glass block window replacement cost estimate

Light comes through them, but you cannot see through them. You may worry that installing glass blocks or tiles may be beyond your budget, but the average homeowner spends only $721, with $1,500 being the highest reported cost.

Shop glass block windows in the windows section of Lowes.com. Find quality glass block windows online or in store. ... for pricing and availability. OK. ZIP Code.

What Are Average Glass Block Prices? What is the cost of installing new storm windows? – Carol ... Homeowners can enjoy discounts on glass block prices when buying ...

What Are the Benefits of Glass Block Windows? Glass block windows are a great option for replacement basement windows. ... The average basement glass block window costs about $175 ...

Glass Block Windows Cost. National Average for Glass Block Window Replacement Cost: $400 – $1100 per glass block window.

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Cost to Install a Glass Block Window. A contractor charges $612 to install a glass block window and you can do the job for $285 ... Adjust the home improvement and repair cost with your ZIP Code.

2018 Glass Block & Tile Installation Cost. Excluding materials, installation of a glass block window will cost $350 to $600 per window. One thing you should keep in mind when planning to use glass blocks in a remodeling project is that it can be expensive to change your mind. They are difficult and costly to remove once installed.
National Average Cost‎: ‎$725 Maximum Cost‎: ‎$1,400
Minimum Cost‎: ‎$100 Average Range‎: ‎$623 to $822

Even for a tiny basement window constructed from glass block, it would cost at least $175. A single glass block would cost approximately $15, with specialty ...

2018 Average Glass Blocks Installation Prices. Above average quality, shatterproof blocks may cost $10 to $15 per block. There are also prefabricated glass block windows in standard sizes like 12"x18", ...

how much would it cost to install this glass block window?. I currently have a 30 x 30 window already in my tub/shower stall. I would like to update it to glass block.