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How To Make Sea GLASS WINDOW Art

How To Make Sea GLASS WINDOW Art

How to make sea glass window art - If you are a DIY enthusiast and losing your wasted glass pieces, you happen to be wasting quite important material for your forthcoming DIY project. Yes, you be capable of turning natural or manufactured sea glass and the broken glasses pieces at your home to a beautiful resin window. Simply because this article talks about how to make sea glass resin windows art using common material, let's get straight on the point. And keep in mind that, you can find most of the items essential for this DIY project at home.

Step 1: Gather the Required Material

The first thing is to gather the many glass pieces you will discover and put them per size, color, and type. Also, you should purchase manufactured sea glass specifically designed for home décor from Amazon or at the craft store near you. Having different colors to make prominent contrasts from the resin window may be valued at doing.

Step 2: Have a Window or Picture Frame

Though you may use any idle picture frame or window at home, if you're searching to gifting this resin window to a person, buying a brand new window from the market industry is better. A whole new window will provide a professional check out the resin window.

Either get a real window or simply a float frame – totally your choice.

Step 3: Get Creative with Designs

Now lay down your window frame horizontally and commence practicing with many designs for the glass. This task is much more like a puzzle and you also must get creative to search for the perfect design using different colors.

Step 4: Glue the Design

After you have finalized the design, start applying glue on the sea glass pieces. Be aware because you might finish up rearranging the sea glass pieces into something else. Thus, act as patient and account for consistency for the best results. Use a glue gun for better results. Be aware that you simply need apply a bit of glue to keep pieces intact per the design.

Step 5: Apply Resin

Squeeze UV Stable Resin and hardener in a disposable cup and stir it a couple of minutes. Following this, put the perfect solution is into another cup and stir it again to obtain a uniform resin solution. Pour the perfect solution is on your window and make use of a spoon to place it uniformly on frame. You can also utilize a brush to spread it until the corners and edges.

Final Piece

After uniformly spreading the resin about the frame, wait for 20-30 minutes and sprinkle some glitter correspond the sea glass window art design. To receive little bubbles popping out of the frame, heat your window that has a lighter.

Guarantee the lighter stays some inches from the frame. Place your window or frame in a warm place as well as leaving to stop the resin completely – maybe overnight. And that is certainly it! We are executed generating a sea glass resin window art. It absolutely was fun, wasn't it?