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Sugar GLASS WINDOW Pane design

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of making a large window pane suitable for using as a breakaway glass prop for stage or movie special.

Our collection of flat glass, in several sizes, colors and configurations. For windows, picture frames, etc. Built to order, usually ships in 2-3 days. We not only needed to make a breakaway window pane that would fit ... which works a lot better for breakaways than traditional sugar glass.

Learn how to make a mold and candy glass to cast breakaway stunt bottles, glasses, and window panes. In this activity you'll make your own beautiful version—a stained sugar glass window that looks good enough to eat!

Plastic breakaway glass. The following tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of making a large window pane suitable for using as a breakaway. You can buy everything you need for homemade sugar glass at the grocery store. You could try and make a big window out of smaller sheets, break a fire.

How can I home-make a pane of sugar glass this large (aprox 4ftx8ft)? The shot I need is for the actor to jump through the window. I have been researching breakaway glass options for a large window. You have the time, try a few small panes.

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Sugar glass is a brittle transparent form of sugar that looks like glass. It can be formed into a sheet that looks like flat glass or an object, such as a bottle. Breakaway Glass Supplies –Trust Thomas FX for top quality breakaway glass props &breakaway candy glass. We make a wide range of breakaway bottles.

Located in the UK, we manufacture breakaway glass and ceramic props, to the film, TV & entertainment industries worldwide. Sugar glass looks just like glass, except that you can eat it. The candy will be hardened inside the window holes.

These instructions result in clear or amber-colored sugar fake glass. Punching a fake glass window is much safer than hitting real glass. You can use the fake glass as stage glass by pouring it flat into panes.

LairdFX provides a broad range of breakaway glass products. We have supplied glass for productions from East coast to the West coast, Europe and the U.S. Alfonso's Breakaway Glass is the world's largest and most respected breakway glass and ceramic manufacturer. Used by all the major movie industry studios.

This really is only a concern if you are removing an entire, multi-pane window unit every night to re-install the breakaway glass. I've heard many stories of actors.