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Average Cost Of Automobile {WINDOW TINTING}

Average Cost Of Automobile WINDOW TINTING

Typical costs: Automotive window tinting can cost $50-$600 or more using standard, non-reflective tint film, and $100-$800 or more with high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic, colored or other specialty tinting films, depending on the make, model and type of vehicle.

Pricing for car window tinting depends on the size of the vehicle, the number of windows being tinted, and the type of film used. Generally for a full 4-door car, a low end price will range from $100-200. For a higher quality job, expect to pay anywhere from $200-250.

The average time it takes to tint a 2 or 4 door car is approximately 2 to 2.5 ... Often, a new or unscrupulous window tinting company will offer a very low bait price.

Window tinting is not just for cars. Residential window tinting reduces electric bills, decreases glare in the home, provides privacy.

Well, it depends on what country you live in. Here in Australia, we would need to get some more information to give you a more accurate idea of the cost to tint.

I'm looking to get my G35 windows tinted, anyone know how much it should cost for a good tint job? Also, what % tint do you guys recommend?

How much do you charge to window tint my car? Generally the cost varies on the type of vehicle, window film type, and the amount and size of the window.

Tinting your car windows is extremely beneficial in Arizona. It has numerous health benefits and will improve the longevity of your vehicle.

Windshield strips, moon roofs, etc are priced separately. Vehicles 10 years or older may have extra cost. This price list represents a rough estimate of actual cost.

A common question we get asked is, 'How much will it cost to tint my car? ... Well, because there are quite a few factors that determine the final price of a tinting.

Explaining the pricing of various car window tint options is, strangely enough, ... Beetles, Corvettes) require the most work, and hence demand a heftier price.

Quite simply, some cars are harder to tint than others. When getting a price quote, a Tint Shop always asks you for the make and model of your car.