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Average Cost Of House {WINDOW TINTING}

Average Cost Of House WINDOW TINTING

If you're tinting your home windows yourself, expect to pay between $2/sf and $4/sf. If you hire a professional window contractor, the price will likely cost between $5/sf and $8/sf. And, as you can see above, most American homeowners pay approximately $600 for their window tinting installation project.

Calculate the cost of your project. Directions: First choose your film type then enter the number of panes you would like to have tinted. Click on Submit and a box ...

How Much Does It Cost To Install Window Tinting? Flat windows like house double hung windows and casement windows are the cheapest windows to tint.

This is especially true for larger expanses of glass and glazing. Expect to pay in the region of: $50 - $60m2 for window film. $15 per square metre for labour costs.

Window tinting is not just for cars. Residential window tinting reduces electric bills, decreases glare in the home, provides privacy, prevents ...

Read our expert comparison of home window tinting prices and find out how much home window tinting going to cost you. Film Cost: A typical residential window film will cost about $50 - $60m2 in 2017.

In Florida, the average cost for a four door vehicle, with a high performance ... Installing window film in your home is a cost effective way to reduce heat gain.

Learn all about how much window tinting service costs. ... windows are a great way to get privacy and to cut down on heat and solar glare in your home or car.

Residential window tint not only gives windows extra strength and protection, but is also commonly used to lower energy bills at the end of the month.

The going rate for residential window tinting services stands at around $50/m2. ... What's the average cost of window tinting in various Australian states?

As is often the case, you get what you pay for — and auto window tinting is no exception. DIY tint kits, which typically cost under $100 and less than professional.

Professional window film is usually priced by the square foot, with the cost including the film and the installation fees.

National Average Cost‎: ‎$573 Minimum Cost‎: ‎$53
Average Range‎: ‎$385 to $655