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How Long Does Auto {WINDOW TINTING} Take

How Long Does Auto WINDOW TINTING Take

The amount of time it would take to tint your vehicle depends on the vehicle type. A complete car can take anywhere from two to four hours. Full-sized trucks generally take about an hour or so. If you are interested in only tinting the two front doors, thirty to forty minutes is usually satisfactory.

On the average four-door sedan, it can take anywhere between one-and-a-half to two hours. On cars with lots of glass surface area, steep window rake or complex curves, it could take two hours or more. Cars like the Corvette can take a while to tint, especially on liftback models featuring the domed rear window.

Another common tinting FAQ is time requirements of tinting. The time taken to tint your car would depend of the size of your car. However, as a typical guide, an average sedan takes approximately two hours, whereas an SUV might take about an hour longer.

The film is then applied to the inside of the car and secured through a ... It should be noted that it may take 3 to 5 calendar days for the film to ...

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