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I went with 3M Scotchguard Pro, and did the full car wrap to keep it looking ... The major reasons I went 3M vs Xpel is that Xpel recommends a sealant ... With the XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film.

We offer the best window film products like 3M Crystalline, Suntek, XPel, and more. Call and speak with a window film expert.

A Comparison of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series, XPEL Ultimate PPF And ... have been there when you notice a new ding or scratch on your car's paint. Now you can prevent paint scratches and dings with 3M Paint Protection Film!

ClearBra vs XPEL vs 3M vs Clearshield. Paint damage is a common problem among new vehicle owners. The primary concern is always how to keep the paint ...

After nearly two years of court filings, St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M and San Antonio, Texas-based XPEL have reached a settlement agreement.

I xpeled my C7 2 days after purchase, and it has kept the car in great shape! The 3m film had just a bit of orange peel texture to it, where the xpel was ...

It has no texture like the 3M or XPEL products I've used and seen. ... Suntek has been doing window tint for a long time. My Xpel ... It's a thicker film (8.2 mils thick vs Suntek 6.4 mils), so theoretically it protects marginally better.

3M Crystalline Series is 62% at 20% tint; 60% at 40% tint ... For my next car, I would probably try Huper as I had F1 pinnacle for all my past cars.

Our advanced installation includes filing of edges and a custom fit for your specific vehicle. We use 3M and XPEL, the highest quality materials on the market.

We do this by employing the best installers in the industry and using the best 3M and Xpel window films available. Allowing us to guarantee the quality.

You love your car, but things like gravel dings, chipped paint and bug ... XPEL and 3M are two of the leading names in paint protection film.

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Hüper Optik Nano Ceramic Film – “Smart Window Film” ... XPEL PRIME XR's patented nano-ceramic particle formulation blocks 99 percent of the sun's UV ... 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film ...