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Cost to tint windows BMW - Window tinting can cost $50 to $600 for using standard, non-reflective tint and $100 to $800 for high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic and colored tints.

Typical costs: Automotive window tinting can cost $50-$600 or more using standard, non-reflective tint film, and $100-$800 or more with high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic, colored or other specialty tinting films, depending on the make, model and type of vehicle.

Each state has different regulations about how much tint you can add on each window, so check to be sure you're within the letter of the law.

How much should it cost to tint my windows on my e90. and how many percent do you guys think? my color is sparkling graphite.

All, what are thoughts on window tinting for a Space Grey car? ... Also, what should it cost to tint all 5 windows with like a ceramic 3M tint on my .... I'm looking to tint my windows, and like any fussy BMW owner.

So I have an appointment to get my windows tinted at bmw tomorrow. The cost, $400. This seems to be insanely expensive for tinting.

What should or shouldnt I be tinting with and what is a good price for an M3 sedan? ... depending on the film was $120 for 5 windows on to $500 for Huper Optik. I speak to a BMW sales associate that mentioned.

reasonable idea of window tinting cost on vehicles. Please contact us for an ... BENTLEY. CONTINENTAL GT SPEED. 285.00. BMW. 1 SERIES COUPE. 250.00.

If your state allows such a dark tint on the front windows I'd go for 20%. I have 30% all .... Drives: BMW 335i - Coupe. Join Date: Jun 2009 ... There aren't, there are just more cars; payroll costs far more than cars.

BMW 3-Series and 4-Series Forum (F30 / F32) | F30POST > Technical ... Did a search and am surprised there isn't that many topics on window tinting. It may cost $100-200 more, but it's worth it for the extra heat rejection.

What do you guys pay for window tint? ... option, I still tinted all the windows, since the dark BMW glass does not offer any real heat prevention.

I'm looking to get my G35 windows tinted, anyone know how much it ... I paid around $200 to get my BMW sedan tinted, but that was from a guy.

I picked up a 2012 X3 and I got quoted $450 for F1 Pinnacle Ceramic tint for all the windows except the windshield (I don't have a moon roof).