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Darkest Legal WINDOW TINT UK

Darkest Legal Car WINDOW TINT UK

Darkest legal window tint UK - Vehicles first used on 1 April 1985 or later. The front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through.

If your vehicle has got tinted vehicle windows, the front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows 70%. There are no rules for tinting the rear windscreen or rear passenger windows.

What is the darkest window tint that is legal? The front windscreen must allow a minimum of 75% light through. The front side windows must allow a minimum of 70% light through.

For side windows or rear windshield, glass tinting that reduces light transmission to less ... Window tinting is permitted only for the side windows to the rear of the driver; rear .... Windows behind the driver may be as dark as the owner wishes.

Romag discuss the advantages of tinted windows and their legality in the UK . ... at what tinted glass can offer vehicles, as well as the legal regulations that have to be ... This is often compared to driving around in the dark wearing sunglasses.

Basically, the tinting law states that front windscreens and front side windows ... The rationale for this passing of this law is actually simple: dark tints restrict. UK window tint laws for all vehicles. Easy to understand legal limits for window tint darkness in United Kingdom.

I run a busy tint shop and get asked (and always explain) the same questions everytime, ... technically,the dealers broke the law when they sold the car! this is our wonderful ... 5% limo just manages 0.3% on anything....its dark! Based in United Kingdom.

Find out how UK window tinting laws affect the levels of window tint you can put on your car. We sell pre cut window tint kits with Worldwide delivery available.

These rules however, don't always stop car owners from unknowingly fitting aftermarket tints that are too dark to their front windows.

In the UK, you can legally tint the rear windows (rear doors and rear windscreen) as dark as you like. There are laws for the front door windows which should be.

The reason why the police enforce the UK window tinting law is for road safety. Heavy or dark tinted car glass can impede driver visibility.

Police forces across the country are cracking down on tinted car windows. ... then there was a legal limit to how to dark they were allowed to be.

The law is strict about car window tinting. And rightly so because excessively shaded glass can reduce a driver's ability to see in the dark. ... (For vehicles 10 years and under on our closest equivalent UK vehicle based cover.)