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Darkest Legal WINDOW TINT Vic

Best Darkest Legal Car WINDOW TINT Victoria

Darkest legal window tint Vic - In Victoria, VicRoads enforces a 30-35% VLT on all windows (this means 35% of light must come into your car through the glass) excluding the front windscreen which should not be tinted. Therefore, a window tinted below a VLT of 30% will render your vehicle unroadworthy.

Get the executive look with the darkest legal car window tint available. With rules and regulations around window tinting, speak to the experts at Tint a Car.

These laws regulate how dark a tinter can legally tint your car windows - which is why the phrase "darkest legal" is used so often. As of June 2018, TAS and VIC are the only two States that still maintain a 35% VLT regulation on all side.

Australian Car Window Tinting Laws. 35%* Window Tint is the darkest tint that is legal across all States and Territories. When it comes to ... Legal Maximum Window Tinting Percentage (VLT) Australia-wide*. PolyFilm Window Tintint Laws ACT.

Our easy guide to DIY and the law for VIC Victoria, links to the official standard. ... 35%* Window Tint is the darkest tint that is legal across all States and Territories. ... Legal Maximum Window Tinting Percentage (VLT) for VIC*.

Police are cracking down on cars with ultra-dark window tint because too many people are unaware there is a legal limit. Back in 2013, former VicRoads manager of vehicle safety, Bob Gardner lobbied for a drop in the limit.

At Happy Tint, we supply all shades of film, up the darkest legal tint in Victoria – currently set to admit a minimum of 35% of visible light. The rearward facing panes of commercial vehicles, however, are not restricted, and may be tinted to any degree of darkness.

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I'm curious about this tint that looks darker on the outside but is still legal, I do have darkest legal tint on my other car but its very light, I'm sure it could be a little.

In Victoria the darkest legal would be 35%, this strictly applies to the front windows, correct me if I'm wrong however I think you are allowed.

I am looking to tint my new black car with the darkest legal tint but looking ..... tint front windscreen at all but I've seen lots of cars ( south east vic).

We explore the latest Australian laws for window tinting and whether you should ... 35% VLT – Victoria and Tasmania have the strictest tinting regulations; ... 15% VLT – Northern Territory allows the darkest tint in the country.