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Electronic WINDOW TINT

Best Electronic WINDOW TINT For Sale

Electronic window tint film - Smart Tint® switchable electric films are designed to variably adjust light between a transparent and an opaque state with AC power. Our technology allows for instant privacy of windows on demand with the flick of a switch or the turn of a dimmer and is the next generation in switchable privacy glass as well as electronic dimmable window treatments.

PDLC Film, often referred to as “Smart Window Tint” or “Electronic Window Tint or Film” gives anyone the flexibility of enjoying an unobstructed view of the outside world or workplace and having complete privacy in an instant, truly Privacy On Demand ®. PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. HOHOFILM Electronic PDLC Smart Film A4 Sample PDLC Switchable Smart Film Electric Smart Glass Film(21cmx29.7cm).

From bathroom windows, shower, glass doors and entranceways — to whole exterior wall systems that can transform whenever the mood or moment requires — our eGlass solutions have you covered from the inside to the outside Our eGlass products can be seamlessly incorporated into any homes A/V system, regardless of the complexity.

The Best Smart Electronic Window Tint Film Options Out There Posted at h in Home Security , Reviews , Smart Home , Windows by Johnny There is a great appeal in modern properties with big open windows and glass fronts that let in lots of sunshine at the best parts of the day. Commonly referred to as smart tint, switchable glass film is applicable to any window or smooth glass surface that requires an adaptable level of privacy. As the name implies, switchable film can be manually dimmed from clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) on command.

What is electric auto tint? electric auto tint is the most exclusive switchable tint technology. control window tint level at the press of a button. adjust the light transmission from 60% lightness to 5% darkness. electric auto tint is a retrofit application that adheres to the inside of the window using a pressure sensitive adhesive or as double pane laminated glass.

These windows are a perfect addition to the Electronic House, since they can actually tint at the touch of a button. They not only block out the sun, but can also give you a little privacy. Couple it with other applications and the number of practical applications are multiplied. Try our Glass Apps ® Skylights, Glass Apps ® Glass Doors, Glass Apps ® Adjustable Tint, and Glass Apps ® Photovoltaic Sensors. Apply privacy enhancements for any type of window.

Manufactured from the same switchable 4th-gen InvisiShade 4.0 film in all our products, our Lamination Film is the perfect solution for window manufacturers, contractors, and individuals who need the protection and longevity of our finished glass but prefer to do their own lamination (installing the film in a "sandwich" between panes of glass window.

We send you a pre-wired piece and you cut it to fit your window. Step 2: Install the self adhesive smart cling with the same method as demonstrated in our HOW TO section Step 3: Trim to fit. Innovative Glass offers a full line of Security Glazing products and solutions that reinforce structures and protect human life from harm. This includes Safety Laminated glass, Tempered glass, Ballistic Rated Glass, Detention Glass, and Signals Defense glass that prevent eavesdropping!

These Windows Tint With a Flick of a Switch Stanford engineers are developing electric windows that block glare without blocking your view A smart window prototype dims. Electric window tint gives you the ability to increase the tint when the sun is shining hard through your car. Your eyes and skin will be protected. You Decrease the Chances of Getting in an Accident.

Electric window tint from Alibaba is a smart way for you to control the level of light in your building. You can install it on preexisting windows for an easier setup. There are both building and electric window tint for cars available. While a standard is permanently set to allow in a set amount of light, electric tint is adaptable. It turns your windows into smart glass, adjusting to the level of brightness that you desire.