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Facts About Stained GLASS WINDOWS

facts about stained glass windows in churches

Discover a range of interesting facts about stained glass windows in churches, from when they were first used and why. Discover some of the most interesting stained glass windows facts, from who started the trend to the latest news in 2017.

'Stained glass' is so-called because of the silver stain usually applied to the side of the glass which faces the outside. When the glass is fired, the stain turns a yellowy-gold colour. During the English Reformation, many stained glass windows were smashed and destroyed as part of the 1547 Injunctions against images.

Process. Stained glass is still made the same way it was back in the Middle Ages and comes in various forms. For the glass used in leaded glass windows, a lump of the molten glass is caught up at one end of a blow pipe, blown into a cylinder, cut, flattened and cooled.

Church Stained Glass Windows. The term "stained glass" has been used loosely over the years which has caused a lot of confusion for many laypersons. Traditionally, stained glass referred to leaded colored glass (or cathedral glass) that has a layer of stain baked into the glass.

The term stained glass can refer to coloured glass as a material or to works created from it. The coloured glass is crafted into stained glass windows in which small .... Retrieved 3 August 2006; Jump up ^ Chemical Fact Sheet.

facts about stained glass. What is a leaded glass window? Ever wonder what the difference is between leaded glass windows and stained glass windows?

Antique stained glass windows are beautiful and tell a story in their design and history. However, they are prone to damage.

Learn the history of stained glass windows starting with their origins in ancient civilizations and how they are used in our society today.

A stained glass window is a bunch of different colored pieces of glass that actually made a picture. In medieval times, sometimes they were just large pieces.

It may seem surprising to call stained glass a form of painting, but in fact it is. ... Stained glass was usually used to make windows, so that the light would shine.

In Europe, the art of stained glass reached its height between 1150 and 1500, when magnificent windows were created for great cathedrals.”

The making of stained-glass windows has hardly changed since the 12th ... illustrating the fact that stained glass is very much a living tradition.

Yup, you can find stained glass in the windows of mosques, churches, and more. Facts about Stained Glass will inform you about.