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How Dark Is 30 Percent WINDOW TINT

So, if you applied an ultra light film of say 30% (for 70% LT) to your 13% tinted glass, this would make your window's light transmittance only 57% - this means you would be breaking the law.

“Let's do 35% on the back windows,” means 35% of the visible light will pass through the window film. In the simplest terms, the lower the percentage, the darker the window film will be. A 5% VLT film is very dark as it only lets though 5% of visible light and a 70% film is very light as it lets through 70%.

Buy 30% shade color 24 Inches by 10 Feet Window Tint Film Roll, for privacy and ... 20" x 10FT PROFESSIONAL WINDOW TINT FILM ROLL (15% Dark Shade).

The common allowable limits are 50 percent for the driver's front and ... There are a couple reasons why window tint darkness is regulated. ... 30% / no limit; Back window: 30% / no limit; Windshield: down to AS1 marking.

If your state allows such a dark tint on the front windows I'd go for 20%. I have 30% all around on another car, and I feel that it is too light.

The lower the VLT percentage, the darker the tint will appear. .... that you cannot install films to your windshield or front side window greater than 30 percent.

30 Percent Window Tints. Refine Results ... 20% VLT: Dark, Factory tint Style. Wimax Limo Dark Black 3% VLT 30" In x 10' Ft Feet Uncut Roll Window Tint Film.

I am about to get my windows tinted and I am considering three options. The law here is ... I basically have no idea if 30-35 will be dark enough.

Find information on car window tint laws by state in the US and which automotive window tint percentage is legal in your state.

The degree to which a driver can legally tint their car's windows vary from ... percent of visible light that gets through either the film (film VLT%) or window plus film net VLT%. The lower the VLT%, the darker the tint. ... Alaska, 70%, 40%, 30%, 5".

It's estimated that window tinting blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays and ... to local or state regulations regarding tint and how dark windows are allowed to be.

When it comes to tinting the windows, the percentage of film that you can ... teen drivers need to keep their tint levels between 15 to 30%.