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Auto WINDOW TINT Film Grades

Our illustrative image shows how your car window tint darkness will look. Find out how much darkness is best for your needs with our example.

Car Window Tinting comes in a variety of shades or percentages. Use this car window tinting percentages visual guide to pick your shade.

Use LLumar's car window tint simulator to visualize what your vehicle will look like outfitted with premium window tint. Select your made and model. Here are four most popular types of window tint film that you will find in most tint installer shops.

As mentioned in the other answers, film is graded by Visibible light transmission, which is the percentage of light that passes through the film.

Tinting your car or truck's windows can help prevent a number of problems down the road. Find out what window tint grades are available.

Choosing the right window tint may seem like an easy decision, but their are various levels of window tinting to choose from. Click here to learn more.

Find information on car window tint laws by state in the US and which automotive window tint percentage is legal in your state. Tinting windows can also protect your car's interior. It can also .... What are the differences?

Car window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission levels (also known as VLT), and these levels are represented as a percentage of the visible.

Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass .... Window tints can be used in applications like shopfronts windows, office ... Current permissible VLT levels are 70% for the front windscreen.

3M Window Films interactive residential product simulator approximates how ... 3M Color Stable's appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple.

SunTek Automotive Window Tints drive performance and profits by providing dealers with the opportunity to offer their customers an outstanding product.

Want to compare car window tint shades? Click today to learn the difference between car tints and contact us today to learn more!