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WINDOW TINT Shades Chart

Car WINDOW TINT Shades Chart

Our illustrative image shows how your car window tint darkness will look. Find out how much ... Window tint percentage chart.

For this reason, therefore, laws for the maximum tint shades allowed for motorists have been devised. For instance, in ... out in various shades. First, there are factory windows which refer to no tint. pre cut window tint shade chart.

Use LLumar's car window tint simulator to visualize what your vehicle will look like outfitted with premium window tint. Select your made and model.

Your Personal Balance of. Style & Function! Original. No Tint. View Entire Gallery. 70%. NYS Legal. View Entire Gallery. 70%. Mercedes Benz E-Class.

Make sure your car's window tint won't get you fined. Back window: 32% / no limit; Windshield: 6” shade band; Tint reflection: not more than 20% reflective.

Car Window Tinting Percentages Visual Guide. To see what each window tint shade looks like, pick it from the list. How dark do you want the tint to be?

Window tint darkness chart measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). Window tint is a desirable option in for many vehicle owners today, ... A windshield "shade band" is a band of window tint film extending down.

See our expert tips on how to choose the right window tint percentage! Choosing the right tinting shade for your window is not just about the amount of light.

I see many people go with 35% is this the universal tint %? Any help ... Perfect shade, without looking like you painted your windows black.

If you have decided to tint your windows, you might be wondering how to choose the right shade. Car Window Tinting – How to Choose the Best Shade ... This chart from the International Window Film Association.

Window tint can add aesthetic value and improved function to your car. Tinting windows can also protect your car's interior.

Window tinting is permitted only for the side windows to the rear of the driver; rear windows may be tinted but only if the vehicle has outside mirrors on both sides.

The degree to which a driver can legally tint their car's windows vary from state to ... at all to restrictions on the use of certain colors or reflective/mirrored finishes.