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2 Layers Of WINDOW TINT Cost

At one point, I had two layers of a tint. IIRC, the first was something like 30% and the second was 15%. According to the State Trooper.

I have installed a layer of tint on my car, but my car is still very hot, .... 3 layers can b done but will u be able to role down yr window n close back? hehe .... I heard the shop fella say if i put 2 layer, next time if i wan to peel it off.

Is there a way to calculate this? for instance, if a window had 2 layers of tint, 15% and 35%, what would that be similiar to had it been 1 layer.

The 3M crystalline by paying a little more therefore I'm going to apply another layer of tint just for the windscreen and front side window.

I have 2 layers of %5 tint on my back windows. At first I only had 1 layer of 5% tint on the back windows but still found it too light during the day.

I have some silver to smoke tint on my truck and I want to go darker without ... the tint without scratching it (prep the window), and if i can't overlap 2 layers of tint.

And most likely when you tint 2 layers, the VLT will be darker than the ... to see??? i thought wanna tint four window only but worry colour diff.

If you want to make it darker by overlapping another tint layer I would do ... I've got two layers of 15% on my front windows and one layer of 15%.

i want my back window darker. i know its factory 20% and i have 20% tint film. so if i put a layer of the film on the back window would that make.

It depends, I don't think you have too much to worry about if you know what you're doing or go somewhere that has someone who does. I have two vehicles.

Exterior & Interior - Calculating layered window tint - I have been ... why the fu¢k would you get two layers of tint??

I put double layer limo tint on all of my rear windows (legal in Texas) and ... As for putting two layers of tint on.. yes you can do it.. but I wouldint.

My partner has an RL that I put 2 layers of 5% on the front and 3 layers on the back doors and back window. He hasnt had any problems other.