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35 WINDOW TINT On White Car

35 Percent WINDOW TINT On White Car Pictures

FYI- Be aware that the stock windows already have 35% tint. So if you end up .... Not alpine white but that tint looks perfect on the EBII. Nice car!

im gonna go with 35% all around on my black acura cl. but my car is black so yah...i guess go with 25% all around since ur car is white.

Want to compare car window tint shades? Click today to learn the difference between car tints and contact us today to learn more! ... 35% & 40%.

I am looking to get windows tinted on my Alpine White 550i. I am thinking 50-55, or 30-35%. Please chime in on what % would look tasteful.

Im debating on either 30%(35?) or 15% offered at a tinting place, and I have a white car with a light interior. I kinda think a dark all round.

I wanna get tinted, but I not so sure if it look good on a white car. what kinda tint did ... I got 35% on the front windows and 15% around the back.

Does anyone have pictures of 35% tint on a black a4 or black a5, ... My car is white which changes the look, but at least you can see how dark.

What do you guys suggest for side and rear window tint on white cars? ... Sport Package | Window Shades | 35% FormulaOne Tint | V1 Hardwired ... I have 20% all around on my car, which is black by the way.

I can't get illegal tint for certain reasons but I want window tint. So will 35% tint on a black/black car be dark enough? ... With a black/black car, 50% will almost look the same as 35% on a white car.

The darkest legal car window tint will depend on whether it is a private or ... Previously, a blanket rule for cars and vans applied, allowing a limit of 35% VLT on all ... To check if the glass is tinted, hold a piece of white paper on the opposite side.

Wondering if anyone has a good picture of their white 997 with 35% tint on the windows. Would also be interested in opinions/suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Let's be honest… window tint almost always makes a car look better, which is why tinted ... 2) as1 strip and front windows 30% or 35% and back windows 20%. 35% Window Tint and Black Interior - Those ... on the back window. i couldn't be happier. just don't take your car.