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Best Exterior WINDOW TINT Film

Exterior window tinting films are applied to the outside of the window. We carry one of the largest selections of films for exterior application.

Available in Frosted, Opaque, and Patterned exterior window film styles. We also offer Bird Safety film which deter birds from striking your exterior window tint.

3M Exterior Sun Control Window Films are designed for use on the exterior surface of windows. Unlike other sun control solutions, these films reflects the sun's.

Exterior window film is a solar film that is applied to the outside of your windows. In some cases it has proven to be the best choice for window tint film.

Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in automobiles and boats and also to the interior or exterior.

LLumar's exterior window films for commercial are high performance solar films made. Contact a window film representative for your next project.

It is possible, but not advised. The reason the vast majority of tinting is in the interior is to protect it from the elements. Film installed on the exterior is exposed.

While most film is made for the inside of windows, exterior window film is available as well. This article will explain what types are available.

Film applied on the inside of certain window types (such as multi-pane and low emissivity windows) can cause unwanted thermal stress, therefore is not a good.

Glass Tinting Supplies offer a high quality range of externally applied solar window films. All prices are GST exclusive. Exterior - Externally Applied.

Sunscreen Window Tinting introduces the latest range of exterior window films from 3M that offer high visibility, heat rejection and 99.9% UV. Sun Protection Film: Exterior film 50 - 85 micron Reflective and non reflective finishes Wet application only.

Delivers high solar performance for situations where indoor film shouldn't or ... Sentinel Plus SX 50 OSW is X-press Window Tinting's lighest exterior solar.

Reflective mirror window films for external use on glass, designed to ... Our Exterior Reflective Film is designed to go on any flat glass surface and ideal.