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Consult a traffic law attorney. In most states, if you fix the problem for which you got the ticket, the judge will dismiss the ticket.

You should fix it, and then bring proof that you fixed it to a local police agency. Once you do that the fine is reduced and you can send it in.

once you get the tint removed, take it to a CHP station, get it written off (the "fix it" is signed and stamped by an officer), then take it back to court -- go see the clerk, show it to the clerk and most likely you'll have to pay like $10-20 in lieu of the $100+ fine.

I think I just broke the world record for getting a ticket for tinted windows. I got my windows tinted on Saturday (3 days ago - 35% front, 17% back) and I got pulled.

Dark window tinting is illegal in many areas, and having your windows tinted to a very dark shade may result in you receiving a fix-it ticket from a police officer. With window tint removal services in Sunnyvale, you will be able to comply with your fix-it ticket, while also preserving the quality of your auto glass.

Received a fix-it ticket in the 993 today for no front license plate and tinted windows today while at a STOP sign in Placer county.

If you have a “fix-it ticket,” such as expired registration or improper exhaust, don't go ... If you're trying to say that you fixed your window tint or your exhaust.

He pulled me over and wrote me a ticket for my tinted windows because they were too dark. I asked him, "why are you writing me a ticket.

So i just got a ticket for illegal window tint, im in tx and had 5% all around...except the ... It should have been a fix it ticket or warning at most.

A window tinting expert cleans the back window of a vehicle before he tints ... Drivers who get a fix-it ticket are given a period of time to provide.

I know CA has laws about not tinting the front. Cop ended up giving me a fix-it ticket for the front side window and no front plate, instead of a speeding ticket.

I have my windows tinted about 15% all around (limo tint) and I drive a coupe. I got pulled over for the front windows and was issued a fix it ticket.

It's for the car window tint on the two front side windows. My only moving violation (where I got caught!) was a fix-it ticket for a broken window.

After my fix-it ticket, I became obsessed with car windows. Every other car on the highway, it seemed, had illegal, tinted front windows.