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California has strict tint codes as it pertains to the drivers and front passenger side windows, so if you leased this in Calif. and you tinted the front side windows.

Has anyone ever added window tint to a leased car? If so, did you have any problems with returning? Or is it worth paying for someone.

BMW: If there is any excess wear and use present, you will receive an estimated cost for repair shortly after your vehicle inspection. This may include tinted windows, depending on your lease agreement, the make and model of your vehicle, and the dealership. Ford: Excess wear and use charges apply for glass damage.

Can I tint the windows in my newly leased car? Can do through a third party company and not violate my lease agreement? If not, can I have the dealership.

Leasing a car is an excellent way to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle – with the latest safety, connectivity, and comfort features.

I want to tint the windows on my new leased BMW. Second, I've tinted every one of my leased cars, Chevy, Porsche, BMW, Infiniti, etc.

Essentially, you're just renting a car from the dealership when you chose to lease. Just like you can't repaint an apartment unless.

When I got the car 3 years ago, I tinted my windows with no-so-legal 22% front and 13% rear (rear does not really matter, I guess).

It's leased through Ally, which said online that window tints are .... It will make your car look SHARP and helps in the summer months.

I've never leased a car myself, but I know of several friends and family who did this without issue. That includes tinting the front side windows.

Wondering if there are people tinting their windows who are leasing? ... as long as they aren't permanent (like getting your car repainted).

I was wondering if I tint the window myself on a leased car, is this high risk since I don't technicallly own the car? I was quoted $300 + HST.

Tinted car windows can reduce glare, offer privacy, and block 99-percent of ultraviolet rays. If you want tinted windows as an add-on.