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TINT Safe WINDOW Cleaner

Best TINT Safe WINDOW Cleaner

It is streak-free, ammonia-free, VOC compliant and safe to use on tinted windows. Window clean sprays like water, there is no foam and no harsh smell. Just spray and wipe and watch dirt, grease, water spots, smudges and just about anything disappear.

Making Your Own Tint Safe Cleaner - Mix your tint safe cleaner. Take your empty spray bottle and rinse it to clean out any dust or residue from anything previously used in it. Then add 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) of rubbing alcohol to the spray bottle along with a few drops of your baby soap.

When you look at ammonia chemically, it is used for rubber, plastic, leather, and vinyl to help dry them out. If you have car window tint in your vehicle, then you will need to purchase a cleaner that is ammonia-free. You cannot use ammonia on tinted windows.
Hi all, Just got my windows tinted at a 1st class shop (no bubbling or turning purple for me). They told me not to use any window cleaner.

Both Meguiar's No Smear Glass Cleaner (AA6316) and Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (G8224) are window tint safe. They do not contain. Spray glass cleaner onto your tinted window. Clean your tinted windows with a safe procedure after they dry.

When it comes to tinted windows, you are 100% safe to use this product. We mentioned earlier about the requirements that good glass cleaners must have.

Make your own tint-safe window cleaner solution. You know the routine, go to the parts store, look for window cleaner that is safe on tinted windows.

Click here to read more on the best way to clean tinted car windows, what tools to use, and help protect your window tint so that it will last.

Sprayway aerosol glass cleaner contains no ammonia so it leaves no film, and it's safe for tinted windows. In fact, Sprayway guarantees that their glass cleaner.

NOTE: AVOID HOUSEHOLD GLASS CLEANERS, which almost all contain ammonia. A fewexamples of tint-safe glass cleaners are; Stoner Invisible Glass.

One safe and easy way to clean it. - The ultimate window cloth allows you to clean any glass surface without chemicals, so it's totally safe for tint.

Autoglym offers the perfect product for cleaning tinted windows with ... to consider whether or not the product is safe to use on tinted windows.