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Legal TINTED Auto WINDOWS In Michigan

Window tint darkness in Michigan. Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 4 inches of the windshield. Front Side windows: Any darkness can be applied 4" inches from the top of the window. Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used. Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.

There is a limited exception for medical necessity with a doctor's prescription, which allows for tinting to be applied to the front side windows as well. Michigan does not have a specification for the darkness of the window application, but does prohibit applications with a solar reflectivity greater than 35%.

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Does that screw up your windows to "reverse" this process? It would be really nice in Florida but I think having just the back windows tinted in Michigan.

Don't drive around with those tinted front windows after having a beer or ... Any reason for the front windows to be tinted in Michigan other.

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The tinted windows statute is routinely used improperly against Michigan motorists as a pretext to conduct a search for criminal activity.

I am sure you have seen a black corvette cruising down the highway with black rims and dark tinted windows, and thought to yourself that looks so cool!

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LMB believes that loosening restrictions on tinted windows could pose a serious danger to bicyclists as well as other non-motorized roadway.

What is the law concerning vehicles having tinted windows? Tinted windows are illegal in Michigan but there are a couple of exceptions.