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TINTING Convertible Plastic WINDOW

TINTING Convertible Plastic WINDOW

Tinting convertible plastic window - The spray that is used to darken up taillamps and lenses might work but, probably not well. I'm sure you can get the material already tinted as they have pre tinted softops for jeeps. Best bet would be to have an upolstery shop replace it with the type of plastic window that has tint built in the plastic. Polish the plastic using a small, orbital polisher and a commercial polish made specifically to return the transparency back to the plastic. Sweep the polisher gently across the plastic to avoid damaging the plastic.

Tinting plastic is a no no. Window film goes bad very quickly when put on plastic. Plastic outgasses and will cause bubbles to form, also plastic expands and contracts MUCH more than glass. trust me, dont do it. you will ruin your top. I have seen this done on jeeps with the plastic windows and its not pretty.

When shopping for a replacement convertible top window for your vehicle, it’s important to consider the difference between glass windows and vinyl windows (also known as plastic windows). Glass convertible top windows have been the industry standard since convertible automobiles were introduced, and glass windows offer what every owner wants: solid rear window.

This is an excellent question and one I thought I would take a little time to address today. Your standard window film should never be applied to plexiglass or plastic windows. Plexiglass and plastic windows have the potential to outgas.This is where certain gases or chemical components start to release what was absorbed by the plastic.

Plexi window tinting films are designed to be applied to Plastic Windows. Available in both clear and silver shades they are perfect for home or office. Protect the area around the vinyl windows with plastic or newspaper. Use the painter’s tape to secure it in place. Wipe any debris from the window with a damp cloth. Spray the window with a generous amount of Clear Vinyl Stain Remover (included in kit). Allow the spray to sit on the window for 10 seconds.

An E36 window is a zip-in window with black canvas trim on the outside edge that you tuck your top into. We have made thousands of BMW Convertible windows. A BMW E36 Convertible is a 3-series convertible (318, 320, 323, 325, 328 and M3) from 1994-1999. The plastic used is DOT approved, higher quality and longer lasting than OEM BMW plastic.

When it comes to energy efficiency, security, and solar protection, nothing can beat window film. Beyond its protective qualities, window tint film comes in many shades and colors to provide aesthetic enhancements as well. Window film also offers glare reduction and can reduce the chances of break-ins or property damage.

Includes a new plastic window with a very slight tint similar to the original. The window is heat-sealed into the convertible top for strength and durability. Manufactured using premium and very durable acoustically enhanced vinyl. Use the static tint, I had in on my S2000 plastic window for over 4 years and it never came off. I put it on the outside. I found it at Lowes from GILA. Not only did it work well, but it also kept the back window from scratching and turning all brownish like a 5 year old Miata back window.

This convertible top window is a factory replacement for all 1965-1966 Mustangs. This plastic window from KEE Auto Top has a surround of fabric that allows you to mount this window on a white or black convertible top. The 36 ounce, material is a 3-ply composite made of an acrylic square weave outer fabric, a rubber inner layer and a cotton lining.

It's not uncommon to see the rear window of a convertible top look cloudy, hazy or even worse, yellow. Sometimes it gets so bad, that the window eventually becomes brittle and breaks. For many years now, plastic windows have been made from a 40 mil PVC plastic because they are affordable and effective.