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V Kool WINDOW TINT Film Cost

V-KOOL is the virtually clear window film that lowers indoor temperatures up to 11* degrees. This is possible because of our amazing heat reflection technology.
In choosing window film, we often find film glass specifications that generally contain terms such as TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection).

V-KOOL, a brand of Eastman Chemical Company, is recognised globally as an industry leader for spectrally-selective sputtered window films.

V-KOOL 70+ is the latest innovation from V-KOOL window film offering the latest technology of the Solitaire Series.

For more than 20 years, V-KOOL 70 is the best-selling Solitaire Series product, acclaimed for its high visible light transmission and high heat rejection.

Complete window tint specifications and color samples for V-Kool V-Kool. This line of window film is made by V-Kool for car or automotive window tint installation.

We specialize in iQUETM / V-KOOL® solar control window film can be easily retrofitted on glass to reflect the unwanted Infra-red heat radiation and damaging.

High heat reflective v kool film vlt 8% clear heat blocking film similar to llumar window film. US $5-15 / Meter. 30 Meters (Min. Order).

V Kool Commercial Window Film. . Block The Heat Out Of Your Business Without Losing Visibility. Independent tests show that when V-KOOL is applied.

Tinted films darken the windows to reduce heat but it also heats up the glass causing glass failure issues. V-Kool clear cuts 89% heat.

M Gard, V-Kool Tint Shop Ipoh, Ipoh, Perak. Automotive Window Tinting Service. Performance specification of the high-end V-Kool window tinting products. SunGlo is the only V-Kool dealer in Colorado!

How is V-KOOL different from other films or "tint"? - V-KOOL cannot be compared to ... either tinted or reflective films. V-Kool's window-tinting service can cost as much as Dh7,000, with the package boasting 90 per cent heat reduction.