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Ammonia-D® is the key ingredient in Windex® and should be avoided at all costs. Ammonia damages window tint and causes it to turn purple and age prematurely. To combat this problem, Windex® released a new product that is ammonia-free: Windex® Crystal Rain™ Glass Cleaner​.

Vinegar and water is a popular and safe way to clean your tinted windows. Also, the vinegar or citrus based cleaners that don't have ammonia in them are also acceptable. The main thing is to make sure whatever you use is ammonia-free.

Window tint improves the temperature of your home, car, or business. Centex Tint in New Braunfels answers your tint, windows, solar screens.

As long as you had the tint done by a professional and wasn't a roll on lining type you should be OK. Just use water solution to get.

I have my windows tinted, I know you cannot use anything with ammonia to clean. I read the ingredients and it only says cleaning agents.

Tinted windows require a little extra TLC to ensure their longevity. Check out these tips on cleaning your tinted windows.

But with factory-tinted car windows, you can clean away to your heart's ... in reality, glass cleaners like Windex are not very good at disinfecting.

Spray the ammonia free glass window cleaner on the tinted windows. Many companies make ammonia-free glass cleaners, such as Windex Multi-Surface.

IS it wise to use windex on the inside of the window where the tints are at? ... Their is a auto glass cleaner that is safe for your tint that is sold.

Wash tinted windows without turning them purple. I just had the windows on my car tinted. This includes Windex and many other popular brands.

Yes, I'm almost positive the factory tint is in the glass not a film they put on. Tint film will be destroyed by ammonia but I don't think windex.

Drying time: For the first few days after your windows are tinted they will be ... "Windex with ammonia D" or any blue colored cleaners because they usually.

It's time for a car wash, but you have tinted windows. What do ... Even cleaners as seemingly harmless as Windex have ammonia.