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Car WINDOW TINT Laws Canada

In Quebec you are allowed to tint only the top portion of the windshield up to 15 centimeters. Front side windows may be tinted but must pass through 70% or more light. There are no tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows.

Hi, I am going for a car window tint appointment in 2 hours from now and was wondering if there are any laws around the percentage tint in Canada.

For side windows or rear windshield, glass tinting that reduces light transmission to less than 32% or increases light reflectance to more than 20% is not permitted. For SUVs, vans and trucks, the limit is 32% for the driver's window and the front passenger window only.

Ottawa officer calls for changes to Ontario's car window tinting law ... 7,500 cyclists are seriously injured every year in Canada.

I was pulled over recently because my front driver and passenger windows were tinted too darkly to pass a test under a new law in Quebec.

With a few exceptions, the tinting laws apply only to front windows. For example, in Manitoba, rear passenger windows have to let 35 per cent of light through. In most provinces, including Ontario, there are no darkness limits for rear windows.

If you decide to tint your vehicle's windows, you must comply with certain technical ... to remove the tinted films and pay a fine if they do not comply with the law.

For all car enthusiasts in Canada that enjoy dark tinted windows, be warned: you could be tinting them illegally. There are five provinces in Canada.

Alberta Window Tinting Regulations Windshield Education. We are often asked “can I tint my front windshield” or “what percent of tint can my front doors be?

Any window tinting by the manufacturer is legal. Other than that, Canadian provinces are happy to let you bunker it up as long as you have.

A common question we get when we are inspecting cars for our customers is whether or not they should be concerned if the tint is too dark.

The Canadian province of Ontario had new laws go into effect last week regarding tint. Whereas the law previously allowed 15 centimeters.