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WINDOW TINT Laws In Vancouver BC

Car WINDOW TINT Laws In Vancouver BC

It's a big risk to take, so we at First Response Glass are here today to give you the details of windshield tint laws in BC. First of all, tinting your front driver and passenger side windows is completely illegal in BC. Any windows besides the front and passenger side windows are fine to be tinted.

Window tinting looks cool, keeps your vehicle interior cool, or hides your ... It is also illegal and may result in enforcement action in the form.

confused: I want to tint all my windows... my friends said it's illegal and he got caught 2 times, with $125 fines. Except for some absurd reason, the tinted "film" is illegal to apply here in BC, at least on the driver and passenger sides.

"You can be ticketed for breaking any law here, even if you're from another province or another country." In Quebec, the front side windows have to let in at least 70 per cent of light. "Your window can be tinted but not too dark," Dumaresq says.

“We tell them it's illegal, so buyer beware,” Westfall. Tinted windows on vehicles, although illegal in B.C., are becoming more popular.

A. Front window shields can not be tinted more than 75 mm below the top of window. It is illegal to leave your vehicle engine running or leave the keys.

I was born and raised in Vancouver. I'm fighting to get legalization of front car window tinting in British Columbia to at least 70% visible light ... Laws on car window tinting vary from country to country as well as from province to province.

So this means, absolutely no tinting of your front windshield whatsoever. Driver's side windows? I suppose this would technically depend on the size of the driver.

Is there any level of tint on the side windows that is legal in BC? .... i have a friend in vancouver got caught with tinting front side windows.

It's illegal to tint your front windows in BC. The film tint defeats the safety purpose of the tempered glass. Instead of shattering in to a million.

30% of the cars here have tinted front windows. ... window tint. they enforce all sorts of traffic laws, you just don't work in the industry to see it.

Visit SHC Autographx Ltd today for options in glass and window tinting in your area. ... laws and regulations will vary on the acceptable percentage of window tint. Tinting needs of customers in Victoria, BC, Vancouver, BC,.

Window tint is common in the Okanagan, as it helps keep cars from getting too hot in the height of summer, but there's still regulations laying out.

Reviews of Street Legal Tint & Detail Vancouver "I needed a last minute tint ... He even warned me that it is illegal in BC to tint driver side windows.