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3M Affinity 30 WINDOW TINT Film

3M Affinity 30 WINDOW TINT Film

3M Affinity 30 Window Film. This is the lightest version of 3M Affinity Window Film with 30% visible light transmission. Literature; Technical Information; Warranty.

Reduces injury risk from flying glass. Product Performance & Technical Data. Affinity 30. Single Pane. Tinted. Double Pane. Double tinted. Film. 1/4". Clear.

Affinity Films have high heat rejection which provide energy savings and improved comfort. Lower interior and exterior reflectivity. Reduces glare and eye.

Improve your buildings energy performance and comfort on budget. Provides high heat reduction at a low cost. Tinted, reflective films improve your building's.

Window Film Depot 3M authorized installation for 3M window film and commercial tinting. Call for Privacy, Security, Frosted, Fasara, Decorative.

Affinity 30, A dual reflective film with a 30% light transmission. When installed on tinted glass this film typically augments the glass' existing color. Ultra Prestige S50, A film that combines 3M's most sophisticated window film technologies.

3M Affinity Window Film – Traditonal Metallized Window film for sun control ... Affinity 30. As the lightest film in the Affinity series has high heat rejection at 61%.

DOUBLE TINTED. CLEAR ... 3M Sun Control Films save energy, as well as ..... 68%. 0.79. 2.67. 54%. 0%. 90%. 99%. Affinity 30. 0.53. 20%. 32%. 30%. 54%.

Window film for sun control with property security benefits. 3M Affinity Window Film combines exceptional 3M quality and performance along ... 3M Affinity 30.

Looking for 3M™ Window Film Specifications, Warranty Information or Brochures? You've come to ... 3M™ Affinity Sun Control Window Film – Commercial 10 Year Warranty. 3M™ Affinity ... Samples. Affinity 30 Sun Control | Affinity 15 Sun Control ... Find Residential & Commercial Window Tinting | Cities in Ohio.

800.274.TINT Info@americanwindowfilm.com · American Window ... Affinity 30; Affinity 15; Amber 35; Silver P18; Neutral 70; Neutral 50; Neutral 35; Neutral 20. SAFETY & ... We have a wide variety of 3M™ Window Film options to choose from.

Sun Control Window Films. Enhancing light as only 3M can. Affinity 30 ... Pane. Tinted. 20%. 63%. 99%. 62%. 19%. 14%. 0.37. 0.94. 41%. 30%. 54%. 99%. 62%.

Do I need to clean my windows prior to 3M™ Window Film installation? This type of low E glass gives heat reductions of 30% to 50% in addition to reducing heat loss. It is available only for Night Vision, Prestige and Affinity window film.