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Best Car WINDOW TINTING UV Protection

Research shows that window tinting in cars offers some protection against UV radiation. Clear autoglass (side windows) blocks about 97% of the UVB radiation and about 37% of UVA radiation. Laminated windscreens block all of the UVB radiation and about 80% of the UVA radiation.

See what LLumar window tint, installed by, Shades of Perfection, looks like on this custom truck. Does Factory Window Tint Protect You? Tinted windows are a stylish and sleek-looking addition to any vehicle.

Car windows are designed to protect you in an accident. But they won't necessarily protect you from the sun. Also, explore window tinting and aftermarket films. Companies like Solar Gard offer window films that can block.

In cars, only the laminated windshield comes with both UVB and UVA protection. The side and back windows allow in more than 60 percent of UVA rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and wraparound, UV-blocking sunglasses. UV-absorbing auto window film reduces skin cell death by 93 percent.

UV radiation from the sun, associated with about 90 percent of all skin cancers, reaches the earth as long- wavelength UVA and shortwave UV B rays. glass effectively blocks UVB, and windshields are specially treated to block UVA as well, but a car's side and rear windows allow UVA to penetrate.

That gives windshields a sun protection factor - or SPF - of 50 or more. Car Window Tinting does help blocking UV rays to some extent which are harmful.

Find information on auto window tinting and window film that can prevent UV damage and protect against harmful UV rays to your skin. (Reuters Health) - Car windows don't protect against harmful sun ... tint, there was no guarantee that would protect against UV rays,” he told.

UV BLOCKING WINDOW TINT TO PROTECT YOUR CAR'S INTERIOR AND SKIN. Whether you're driving, at home gazing out at your garden, or sitting.

Keep your car cool and block UV rays with 3M Automotive Window Tint. Protect yourself and your passengers. Featured Products for UV Ray Protection.

Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed to the interior or exterior of glass. Automobile window tinting reduces the "Visible Light Transmission" (VLT) through car windows. The pigment gives the glass a tint, but doesn't provide UV ray protection or heat rejection like most window films do.

For example, 3M's vinyl wraps serve as a removable protective coating for your car's paint, while also lending it a distinctive look. Vehicle windscreens and side windows - UV radiation levels inside a car vary ... consider the sun protective benefits of window tinting.