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Factory tint is standard on the rear half of many new vehicles. With a common visual light transmission (VLT) of 15%-26%, factory window tint is installed to provide passengers and personal items privacy from outsiders, hence the name privacy glass.

As mentioned above, factory tinted glass is primarily installed for it's looks and for privacy. A vehicle owner may have the front windows tinted to match the rear and provide some heat rejection in the front seats.

Tint World® is the #1 car window tinting installation center for over 30 years, but even with our experience in automotive window tinting, our Tint. If you have a CAR…NOT an SUV, pick-up, minivan or wagon and the windows are tinted, it's aftermarket. Simply because NO factory deep.

Factory tint can be found on the rear windows of most new SUVs and trucks. The main goal of factory tint is to provide privacy for the vehicle's. There are a few things they don't tell you about factory window tint that you really should know. Get the inside scoop that the manufacturers keep secret.

A: Yes. However, having this level of window film on front doors is not legal in Missouri. Vehicle factory window tint is usually 26%-15% film level. Missouri law states that the front door legal light transmission is 35%, which is lighter than the rear window of your factory tinted vehicle.

Most, if not all new 2008 Model SUV's and Mini-Vans come equipped with a dark 15% visible light transmission "factory tint" on vehicle windows other.

When it comes to the legality of tinted windows. Travel to most southern U.S. states and you'll notice a lot of darkly tinted car windows. standards, settling on something usually referred to as “factory tint.”.

Most cars with privacy glass are fitted in the factory as part of the manufacturing process. However, if you decide later on that you would like privacy glass fitted.

If you are driving a vehicle purchased within the last few years, chances are the windows have a factory dye applied. This product makes the windows look dark.

When it comes to keeping yourself safe from harmful UV rays, a professional window tint offers ultimate protection in comparison to factory tint. I just got a 2014 Si Coupe and tint is not legal here. Could I get factory tinted glass in the 35% range anywhere for it? And what would the price.