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You should fix it, and then bring proof that you fixed it to a local police agency. Once you do that the fine is reduced and you can send it in.

If your windows are tinted darker than allowed by state law, you may get pulled over and cited for a window tint violation. If you know your tint is in violation of the law, the easiest way to get out of the ticket is to remove your tint.

just interested if any one else out there has been caught for tinted windows. The reason I ask is that earlier in the year had been caught.

Some people believe that vehicle window tinting keeps the temperature inside a car cooler, while others just think window tinting makes a car look cooler.

After my fix-it ticket, I became obsessed with car windows. Every other car on the highway, it seemed, had illegal, tinted front windows.

The estimated collection rate for scheduled violations is 80.4%. Court costs are estimated to be $60 per violation. A 35.0% Criminal Penalty Surcharge is applied to the fine, 95.0% of which is remitted to the State.

Tinted Glass Fine Skyrockets From $25 to $250. I've been seeing a lot more questions regarding parking violations for “tinted glass,” (Municipal Code 9-76-220) as of late. This law prohibits modifying the front windshield and both front side windows by darkening them with tint.

Penalties for having wrongly tinted windows. It's illegal to fit or sell glass (or a vehicle already fitted with glass) that breaks the rules on tinted windows.

Arizona has certain tinting laws and fines for motorists based on darkness percentage and location. Learn more about tint law in AZ here.

DRIVERS with heavily tinted windows face $80 fines after officers from the Road Traffic Division announced an island-wide crackdown.

Like 3 weeks ago I got a ticket for tinted windows (front windshield and side windows) I have the 20%. The police officer told me it's against.

Vehicles with front tinted windows are all over the place, said Staff Sgt. Fine and the owner of the vehicle can be ordered to take the tint off.

There's a good chance your car has tinted windows and it could mean a costly ticket. They give you privacy but they might need to be checked.