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Body tinted glass products are produced by small additions of metal oxides to the float or rolled glass composition. These small additions colour the glass bronze tinted.
Gray & Bronze Tinted Glasses, optigray, is designed to eliminate the green ... Commercial window tint without film ... A proven high-performance bronze glass.
Solargray® Glass. Commercial window tint without film. Solargray® glass has been a popular choice for commercial structures because of its cool, light-gray.

High-performance tinted glass in grey and bronze tones for better energy efficiency. Solargray® Glass, commercial window tint without film. Solargray® glass window.

Tinted glass provides UV and glare protection and helps to reduce glare and fading. The most commonly used tints are grey, bronze, green and blue.

Alibaba offers 25578 bronze tinted glass products. About 95% of these are ... Bronze Blue Grey Green Pink Tinted Colored Window Glass.

Bronze float is the traditional medium bronze tinted glass designed to reduce solar heat and glare but providing a higher visible light transmittance than grey.

Before the development of low-E coatings, architects relied on tinted. Tinted glass almost always requires heat-treatment to reduce potential thermal stress.

The primary uses for tinted glass are reducing glare from the bright outdoors. The most common colors are neutral gray, bronze, and blue-green.

Mirror Bronze Window Film - One Way Tint. Reference: Condition: New ... This Mirrored film is suitable for all types of flat glass windows. It can be used.

Tinted glass can be used in a number of applications, such as : 3/12. Version 2.0. TINTED GLASS. Glass partitions. Windows and curtain walls Spandrel glass ... glass with a bronze (PureBronze) and a green (GuardianGreen) glass.

Tinted glass - (heat absorbing glass) is made by adding color pigments to the raw materials in the float process. Standard colors include bronze, gray, dark gray.

Tinted and reflective glass allows control for light, UV entry and solar heat gain. Tinted glass is available mainly in grey, bronze, green and blue and achieves.