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But what if instead, you could simply press a button and instantly make your window tinted? A new technology promises a future where.

Smart Tint® switchable film applies to any new or existing glass allowing ... for instant privacy of windows on demand with the flick of a switch or the turn.

Continental has developed a system that can tint car windows at the push of a button. 'Intelligent Glass Control' offers privacy, comfort, safety.

Klingshield, the window film and tinting authority in South Africa, reports from the ... by making adjustments with the introduction of a “push button” technology.

"Smart windows" made from electrochromic glass turn from clear to opaque and back again at the flick of a switch. According to Smart Tint, its films transmit about 98 percent of light when they're clear and switch .... glasses to develop sunglasses that can change color or shade under push-button control!

Automotive supplier Continental has developed a new technology that can tint car windows at the push of a button. Intelligent Glass Control.

Invisishade Switchable Privacy Film Smart Windows. Push button privacy. Peel-and-stick simplicity for easy installation on any window in minutes.

Halio is touted as “the most responsive smart-tinting glass on the market,” according ... The windows can be undimmed whenever light or visibility is needed. More control over their lighting simply through pressing a button.

Continental's Intelligent Glass Control enables tint-on-demand for nearly all car windows. With the push of a button, the driver can control window tinting.

Check out Sonte Film, Smart Tint and InvisiShade high-tech smart glass options. Again, it's as easy as pressing a button on your smartphone.

PDLC FILM, 4-12mm Privacy Glass, Electric privacy glass for window, Electronic ... Toughened clear glass, toughened Low-Iron Glass , toughened Tinted glass.

Our Switchable Privacy Glass provides an unforgettable experience, switching back and forth between a clear window panel and a non-transparent opaque.