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NYS TINT Exemption Sticker

NYS Window TINT Exemption Sticker

The rear side windows of any station wagon, sedan, hardtop, coupe, hatchback or convertible must also allow 70% of any light to pass through. ... NYS Health Department regulations specify that only certain medical conditions can be used to justify an exemption from the limits on light transmittance.

Section 375 (12-a) of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law does not allow a windshield ... from the law using the Application for Tinted Window Exemption (MV-80W).

The DMV should issue a sticker that is affixed to the drivers side window ... The windshield can never be tinted regardless of exemption due. 29, 2016, in Colonie, N.Y. Gov. Cuomo approved a bill that will require an examination of tinted or shaded windows during annual vehicle.

Here are the only three ways around the New York Window Tint Law that went ... or ways that you can get around the law and get an exemption, keep in mind.

The windshield and front side windows cannot block more than 30% of the light. Seventy percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window. If you have a medical condition that requires you to have tinted vehicle windows, you can request an exemption from the law.

Side windows to the rear of the driver's seating position are exempt from inspection. A classification sticker is normally found on the drivers side door jamb.

The law, which went into effect on January 1, 2017, requires window tint testing during annual motor vehicle inspections. Since 1992, New York State law has required that all windshield and front side windows allow at least 70 percent of outside light to pass through.

NY DEC · NYSDMV FAQs · NY DMV Services · Order Inspection Stickers ... 223, 224, and 225, examination of window tinting will be included as part of ... Side windows to the rear of the driver's seating position are exempt from inspection.

When a vehicle fails inspection for window tint, it is no different than a ... to post to the State Register. Vehicles displaying a valid MV-80W.2 “Exempt Tinted Windows” sticker need.

Provides exceptions to the prohibition on tinted windows in automobiles. Conditions that call for a medical exemption from tinted window requirements. A sufficiently noticeable sticker to the applicant to be attached.

A lot of drivers in NYC use tinted windows to add security and style to their cars. Drivers who have certain medical conditions are exempt from this regulation ... Your inspection sticker determines what kind of window tint you can legally. The New York State Health Department regulations specify.

Window tint medical exemptions allow you to install darker tint on car windows. See all ... Decal with unique identification number must be on windshield.