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VA Medical Exemption WINDOW TINT

VA Medical Exemption WINDOW TINT

The medical authorization allows these individuals to equip their vehicles regularly used to transport them with window tinting films or applications.

I hereby acknowledge that Virginia Code §46.2-1053 only authorizes the application of tint to the windows and windshield of any motor vehicle up to the total.

allowed individuals with a medical waiver to apply tinted window film on the windshield to reduce total light transmittance to as low as 70% and on other windows to as low as 35% in the vehicles in which they generally travel.

70% windshield and 20% tint on other windows with no more than 35% luminous reflectance is allowed under a medical waiver. Exemptions are given to persons not vehicles, meaning if you have an exemption any vehicle you travel in can have 70% windshield tint and 20% side window tint.

So I am a WV-licensed driver with a WV registered vehicle who works in VA. My tint is 40% VLT (legal in WV, WITHOUT medical exemption). The law does state that it does give medical exemptions for window tint laws and I was wondering if anyone has done this or could shed more.

I recently got my windows tinted in Florida (just moved here) and ... The legal limits are ridiculously low in VA though, even with the exemption. No idea why some morons tint them (medical reason or not). Front windshield tint ... I have a VA window tint exemption. The process is easy.

Get accurate and up to date information regarding Virginia window tinting laws. Medical Exemption, Virginia window tint law allows medical exemptions.

We provide assistance in getting you the Ultimate Car Tint : obtaining a medical waiver and registering you vehicle for “Sun Shading” with DMV.

Before applying any window tinting materials, installers should ... Restricted Colors, Left and Right Mirrors, Sticker Location, Medical Exemption.

Subject: Virginia Medical Exemption ... Section 46.2-1053 of the Code of Virginia specifies that “Such sun-shading or tinting film shall not cause the total light.