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What Percent Are Factory R TINTED WINDOWS

What Percent Are Factory R TINTED WINDOWS

Car Window Tinting comes in a variety of shades or percentages. Use this car window tinting percentages visual guide to pick your shade. (Factory Tint).

Is it factory tinted glass or film applied to the glass? To find out what % it is from factory to to figure out what percentage to apply to the rear. I was leaning towards 35 percent. My current car has ... Factory glass always has a minor tint to it but it varies from car to car.

I've got 30% on my doors/windshield, 20% on the rear, and 5% (or 8, doesn't matter, they're basically the same) on the small rear "windows". Tint laws vary state to state as well.

The main difference in between the factory tinted glass also known as privacy glass and aftermarket tinted glass is , the factory tint basically means the dye.

What Percentage tint did you go with to match the rest of the factory tinted windows? I have a 2015 ... Vehicle: 2015 Durango R/T Blacktop Pkg. Im wondering whoever had their windows tinted took into to consideration that the windows were 70% factory tinted before making their.

When it comes to the legality of tinted windows, many drivers continue to ... federal standards, settling on something usually referred to as “factory tint. Ursula Bennett and her husband bought the 2006 Dodge Charger R/T and 2009 Chrysler ... In Quebec, you can tint front side windows up to a 70 percent.

Does anyone know the percentages of light transmission that come on factory glass? Does anyone know what percentage is the tint on second row and i guess back rows. I want to get matching tint on the front windows.

Vehicle: 2013 Dodge Durango R/T ... Does anyone know what the factory window tint percentage is on 2013 D's? I'm talking 2nd row door. Factory Tint Percentage ... Taking mine in this weekend to get the front windows tinted to match and .... Vehicle: 2016 TRD O/R DCSB MGM.

Ok so ordered an XC60 R-Design in passion red a few weeks back, ... My back seat passengers absolutely love the tinted windows. As an aside on the tint or no tint debate does anyone know what percentage the factory.