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Is 20 Percent WINDOW TINT Too Dark

Is 20 Percent Car WINDOW TINT Too Dark

Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013) A place to discuss all things 10th Gen Corolla and 2nd Gen Matrix. So I am thinking of 20% tint on all 4 doors + rear windshield. Also I am worried about vision driving at night with the dark tint.

Hey guys, I was wondering I plan to get the windows tinted ... if you want a good look 20 is good i have 15 percent on my car all the ... it open its too dark. i live in ny and have 20's and got pulled over the first day with them.

With 30% driving won't be a problem but I'm worried it may be too light. I would do 20% it's darker but not to dark,30% honestly is a waste. May have tinted too dark. - I have a black 997.2. No tint. I have 5% on all 3 back windows (limo tint) and 20% on the front side windows.

Window tint 15% or 20% ... Now I have 35%, but it is too light for me since I have a white interior. I think anything darker than 20% is illegal in CA. I used to drive with 15 percent tint, but not in US, and it was ok.

What do you guys think for a silver vehicle? I was debating between a 35% or 20%. The guys at the shop say 20% is much better since 35%. Hey got my VE booked in for window Tinting on friday, going for the ... was the next darkest tint and they have told me 20% tint, is this too dark?

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Does anyone in whirl forum experience driving 20% tint all windows at night? And tbh, the car does look a heck better with dark 20% tint than 35%. Else, if a cop suspected it was too dark they could defect the car.

State police explain window tinting on vehicles in response to MLive ... the windows including the front window are not only tinted but so dark, ... This window tint must be transparent and allow 35 percent or more light through.

No vehicle can have ANY tint to the front windshield. Passenger cars are limited to 50 percent on all side and rear windows. Most troopers have window tint meters in their patrol cars and will test the windows for the legal percent of light transmittance if they look to be below the statutory limit.

The common allowable limits are 50 percent for the driver's front and ... If your window tint is too dark, you will not be able to see well enough out ... Front side windows: 35%; Rear side windows: 20% / no limit; Back window.

Make sure your car's window tint won't get you fined. Over by law enforcement and get fined just because our window tint is too dark. As you may see, something like 20% or lower will make your windows really dark and hard ... the visible light transmission percentage, or VLT%; Front side windows.

During the day, 20% looks too dark and you can't even really see into the ... for the front side windows, 35% rear side, and 20% rear windshield.