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Vehicles with applications of after‐factory window tinting must be checked, at an additional charge of $10 during a North Carolina safety. Up to date car tint laws in North Carolina (NC). Don't get fined and read latest North Carolina auto window tinting laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.

North Carolina Tint Law Enacted: 2001 ... Other North Carolina Rules and Regulations ... Learn more about car window tinting, tint shops, and state tint laws.

In North Carolina, passenger vehicles must have a VLT of 35% on all windows. Truck, SUV, and Vans must have a VLT of 35% on front windows and can have any darkness on the back and rear windows. North Carolina allows reflective tint, however, windows must be no more than 20% reflective.

Real answer: The tinting that is so dark you can't see through it is indeed illegal. North Carolina law states, "All windows with applications of after‐factory ... One of his rules of thumb is if he cannot see through to check traffic.

HOW DARK CAN WINDOW TINT BE IN NORTH CAROLINA? Darkness of tint ... OTHER NORTH CAROLINA RULES AND REGULATIONS. Restricted Colors. This page was created to educate our customers about the window tint laws in Florida. We hope this helps you in your search.

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However, if you plan to tint your windows it's important to ensure it is done safely and in accordance with the North Carolina window tint law. North Carolina Window Tinting Laws Car window tinting laws in North Carolina were enacted in 2001. We have provided all the necessary.

(3) Tinted film or another material used to tint the window shall be nonreflective ... shall adopt rules regarding the specifications of the medical exception sticker.

When it comes to vehicle modifications, tinting your windows may be the most popular option. In North Carolina, reflective tints are only legal on side windows.

Even though window tinting laws vary greatly from state to state, owners ... a vehicle that is subject to a safety inspection in North Carolina if the tint does ... As a general rule of thumb, in NC under our tint limit, if you cannot see.

Preferences for window tinting vary widely, yet we are officially only able to do so much within the limits of the law, while the more extreme. The law not only sets limits on the shade of the tint but also the reflectivity. North Carolina has additional window tinting regulations besides.