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According to Cost Helper, prices range rather drastically. Window tinting can cost $50 to $600 for using standard, non-reflective tint and $100 to $800 for high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic and colored tints.

Do you want to know how much it costs to tint the windows of a car in 2018? Explore ... There are no rules for tinting the rear windscreen or rear side windows.

Tinting rear passenger and back windows isnt illegal at all. You are not allowed to tint the drivers or front passenger window what so ever. i paid about $120 for limo tint on the two front windows, rear quarter windows and rear hatch for my Z w/ lifetime warranty i wouldnt pay more.

I thought mine was expensive, window film is very cheap i just wish i had the skills to .... Not the rear doors, rear side windows and rear window. The price for car window tinting is influenced by a number of factors that ... faster, than tinting all the windows, or even just the rear window.

You charge to window tint my car? Generally the cost varies on the type of vehicle, window film type, and the amount and size of the window(s) to be done. Prices for window tinting usually range as follows. Rear Windshields, £60 to £150.

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Hubby got the windows in his 57 Chev done there, Tint-a-Car wouldn't do it because of the shape of the rear window. Sup guys, at one time i had all my windows tinted but through a set of circumstances i have to re-tint just my rear window.

Automotive window tinting can cost $50-$600 or more using standard, non-reflective ... Curved or steep rear windows are more difficult to tint, and will cost more.

To get your car tinted at a tint shop, a standard hatchback like a VW Golf, will cost anywhere in the region of £200 - £300 to have the front and rear windows.

While the specific costs of removing car window tint depends on your car's ... than removing the film 'in one piece' – rear window tint removal often being.

Quite simply, some cars are harder to tint than others. When getting a price quote, a Tint Shop always asks you for the make and model of your car. That seems a bit cheap to get it done properly. Price to tint rear end of a 3 series tourer (7x glass section - rear doors backwards) - £165.00.