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Utah WINDOW TINT Medical Exemption

Utah Car WINDOW TINT Medical Exemption

Utah Window Tint Law Medical Exemption References. The State of Utah does not currently allow for window tint medical exemptions that would allow you to tint your windows darker for medical purposes. If you would like to file a petition with the State in order to appeal this and request that they change the law we suggest you contact the Utah State Representative directly.

No sticker to identify legal tinting is required. Medical Exemption. Utah window tint law allows medical exemptions for special tint. For more details about the specific terms of the exemption for window tinting, consult your state law. These are the current Utah Window Tint Laws. Utah Law permits the use of window tint on vehicles travelling on Utah roadways. The limitations are as follows. All windshields are prohibited from having window tint, or other non-transparent material placed below the AS-1 line or 4 inches down from the top of the windshield, whichever is lower.

Medical Waivers for Vehicle Window Tinting Restrictions. A vehicle is exempt from the window tint law requirements if there is maintained in the vehicle a letter issued on letterhead and signed by a physician, physician assistant, ophthalmologist or optometrist certifying that protection from sunlight or bright lights (or similar language).

All states have laws that limit vehicle window tinting but in some states there are medical conditions that can exempt a driver or a "habitual passenger" from these laws. States do not have lists with specific medical conditions, but they offer forms to be filled out and signed by a physician. Tint is allowed on rear side windows and the upper portion of windshield. To install tint, the vehicle must have a rear view mirror with 200 feet of visibility.

The applicant listed on this form is applying for an exemption from complying with the maximum limits allowed in state law for motor vehicle window tinting. Approval of this application will allow the individual to tint his/her window darker than is allowed by state law. In answering the following questions, please keep in mind that darkening on the motor vehicle can pose a threat to public safety personnel.

However, vehicles exempt from window tints are as follows: Ambulances; Buses; Church-owned vehicles; Hearses; Limousines; With a medical condition requiring protection from sunlight, darker window tints that exceed regulatory and general public limits may be necessary. What Conditions Typically Qualify for Medical Window Tints.

APPLICATION FOR TINTED WINDOW EXEMPTION Provide the following information as it appears on the vehicle registration. If a medical exemption is requested for someone other than the registered owner of the vehicle, please provide the following information about that person. I believe one can get a medical exemption, but I have never looked into that, personally. I have had all my cars front drivers and passengers windows tinted for the past 25 years or so, here in southern california (basically since I could afford to have tint put on a car I purchased).

The use of nontransparent or sunscreen material or window application which has a total visible light reflectance of not more than thirty-five per cent or a visible light transmittance of not less than thirty-five per cent on the side windows immediately adjacent to the right and left of the operator's seat, the side windows immediately to the rear of the operator's seat and the front passenger seat or on the rear window.

Utah State Senator Lincoln Fillmore is pushing to revise the state’s tint law by introducing an amendment that would lower the permissible visible light transmittance (VLT) on vehicle side windows to 35 percent. The state’s current law allows no less than 43 percent VLT. We offer everything for the do-it-yourself customer: complete pre-cut window tinting kits for homes, automobiles, and commercial buildings; uncut roll film to save you money on large jobs; professional tools and tool sets; how to DVDs so you can learn to tint like a pro; and 19 years experience.

If you are required for medical reasons to be shielded from the direct rays of the sun, you may receive an exemption from the window tinting requirements. The exemption is granted for any vehicles that you own as well as other vehicles in which you are a regular passenger. To apply for the exemption, complete an Application for Window Tint Medical Exemption, form #40-1511, certified by a medical provider.

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