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Window Tint Darkness The windshield must also allow over 70% of light in, with the exception of the top three inches. SUVs and vans: The front side windows must allow over 70% of light in. The front side, rear side, and rear window can be tinted to any darkness level.

In 1996, PennDOT adopted regulations regarding the use of window tint on vehicles operated on. Pennsylvania highways. These regulations also eliminated.

Up to date car tint laws in Pennsylvania (PA). Don't get fined and read latest Pennsylvania auto window tinting laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. Made in the Shade: Pennsylvania`s Window Tinting Laws. Oh yes it is a waste but they do write tickets–after all $$$ is $$$ to Pa state.

Reading, PA ... Photo by Harold Hoch Tinted Windows - Caddy ... If police are going to enforce the window-tinting law, Freeman reasoned. Pennsylvania Tint Law Enacted: 1999. How dark can window tint be in Pennsylvania. Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage.

In Pennsylvania tint laws are in a grey area. Most Officers ... If I was ever pulled over I put down all my windows for their safety and my hands on the wheel.

In the state of Pennsylvania, as a general rule the law for automotive window tint is 70% for passenger cars on all the side windows and back glass. My dad gets tint on all the cars him and my mom buy (also live in PA) and never ... Here's a list of all the regulations on each window of the vehicle in each state.

The Source on PA Tint. Here are the sections of the PA Motor Vehicle Code and the Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations dealing with sun screening products.

Window tint laws in Pennsylvania are governed by 75 Pa.C.S. 4524 (e) which reads as follows: (e) Sun screening and other materials. Window tinting is legal, even if it isn't factory, as long as a person can see through. Here's what the PA Vehicle Code says about window tint.

Pennsylvania Window Tinting Law Enacted: 1999. We have made every effort to provide you with accurate and up to date information regarding Pennsylvania.

The placement of a registration permit upon the side or rear window of a vehicle shall ... (i) A vehicle which is equipped with tinted windows of the type and specification ... for the intercepting and recording of oral communications under 18 Pa.