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How dark can window tint be in California? Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT%). In California, this percentage refers.

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 4 inches of the windshield. Front Side windows: Aftermarket film must allow more than 88% of light in, or minimum 70% VLT if combined with factory-tinted windows. Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used.

State law says front side windows must let at least 70 percent of light in, and that effectively makes it illegal to darken them. When driving in the sunny state of California, we believe that staying safe on the road also means staying safe in the sun. Assembly Bill No.

Audiosport Escondido offers premium car tinted windows perfectly in accordance with California & San Diego law. Read about San Diego car window tint laws. San Diego's Car Audio & Video, Security Installation Authority. Every state has its own laws on how dark your car windows can be tinted.

Want car tinted windows but worried your tint isn't legal in California? Stereo Depot in San Diego & El Cajon break down the California window tinting laws. How dark can I tint my car windows in San Diego?

San Diego - Orange County - Los Angeles ... California law states that front passenger windows can be no darker than 70%, but you can go as dark as you'd like on rear ... Window tint laws vary slightly depending on which state you live in.

Updated 2018 California Window Tinting Laws | Ab-1303 Vehicles: Window Tinting ... SAN DIEGO CAR WINDOW TINTING SPECIALS. In the state of California you can't use just any window tint film. Read about all laws, restrictions and exemptions concerning car window tinting in CA.

The city law bans tinted windows on vehicles driven in Tijuana, although ... tint can be as dark as the driver wants, said San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen. Please don't say Frisco, San Fran, The OC, Diego, or Cali. You only get pulled over for tinted windows of the cop hopes to get you on ... It's not a bad law in theory, but in practice, it's nothing more than a tool to harass.

But if you bring up the subject of car window tinting in Orange County, ... the conviction of a San Diego man whose car had tinted windows. Noelle LaBlanc doesn't make a habit of breaking the law. To date in San Diego County, only one other glass business, Scott's Custom Glass.

Window Tinting San Diego provided by 5 Point Auto Detail in Kearny Mesa, San Diego. We offer both ceramic and infrared window tint packages with warranties. ... California Laws on Window Tinting.