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Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line. Front Side windows: Must allow more than 33% of light in. Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used. Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.

Arizona law states the amount and manner of window tinting a motor vehicle may have to be lawfully operated in this state. It is a violation of law to operate. Arizona Tint Law Enacted: 1994. How dark can window tint be in Arizona. In Arizona, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through.

Arizona Front Windshield Tint Law: Car window tinting series : Installing car window tint In Arizona, you can use and non-reflective tint. You can get pulled over if your windshield is too dark. It's better to understand the Arizona Window Tinting Law before we continue.

So you want to get your vehicle tinted but you are not sure what the Phoenix Tint laws are? This article breaks down all the Arizona Tint Laws laws about window tinting.

Here, we will provide all the necessary information about car window tinting laws in Arizona. The AZ window tint law was enacted in 1994. Scottsdale Window Tinting Laws. So you want to get your vehicle tinted but you are not sure about Arizona Tint laws. This article breaks it down.

Arizona Tint Law Enacted: 1994. HOW DARK CAN WINDOW TINT BE IN ARIZONA? Darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage. Tint your windows within legal Arizona legal limits to decrease heat absorption and improved visibility.

Arizona Window Tinting Law Enacted: 1994. We have made every effort to provide you with accurate and up to date information regarding Arizona window tinting laws.

Window tinting laws vary from state to state and province to province. Before applying any window tinting materials, installers should thoroughly review.

Arizona's Window Tinting Darkness Law Diagram. Once you've determined the shade level or levels to apply on the windows of your car, the next step is setting.

Window tinting laws vary from state to state. In Arizona, tinted windows are permitted; but the darkness of the tint is strictly regulated. The window tinting law in Arizona states that the front side windows must allow a minimum of 33% of light in, although the rear windows can be tinted.