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Best Car WINDOW TINTING In Germany

Front tinted windows banned. Don't add tinted foils to the front windows of your vehicles, U.S. Army Europe officials warn, because they are not allowed in Germany. “Our vehicle inspectors see this time after time,” said Dan Saavedra, policy advisor at the USAREUR Vehicle Registry.

HAVERKAMP Window Tint Film found in Münster,Germany Since 1978. We provide world-wide trusted product for paint protection car coating & also paint.

HAVERKAMP is The Only Window Tinting Film Made In Germany. The other brands of automotive films can only block both UVC and UVB but unable to block.

You might not want to do it. Unless you're leaving Germany before you have to reregister your car. There is a new law in Germany. Know before you go: Vehicle inspection & registration in Germany. Vehicles found with after-market tinting on the windshield or the driver.

Anybody know what the law is in Gremany for window tint? we had a polit from the base here today bring in 2% film he got from Germany and said thats ... car is not tinten, I mean its white glass,than only safatyfilm is allowed!!!

What has changed about car window tint in Germany? For those of you who are military service members in Germany, did you ship your car. I am moving to Germany soon and would like to get my windows tinted. I get to Germany on the 14th of AUG but won't have my car back.

100% black tint on rear window and rear-side windows (after the B post) – UK, Germany (must have a manufacturing approval number at least. Professional auto films are mostly used for car windows tinting, but they also may ... HPX ABG 05, 10, 20, 30 with a German certificate – a special offer; a car film.

In Germany, every modification you make to your car has to be inspected. It also says that tinting film that makes the glass dark like a Sunglass lens. MANNHEIM, Germany -- Don't add tinted foils to the front windows ... on the rear windows of a car or van are not a problem, either.

Additional services related to car valeting: window tinting, dent removal without having to paint the respective part (faster, cheaper and the original paint stays).

Tinting. Optimal sun protection, for your car's entire lifetime. BRUXSAFOL – Top-Quality Films / BRUXSAFOL Automotive Window Films.  Make your drive more comfortable with XERO-NANO window tint. What you notice first is how great your car looks enhanced with XERO window film!