A lot of drivers in NYC use tinted windows to add security and style to their cars. But did you know you could get a ticket for having windows. Last week i got pulled over and received 5 tint tickets and a using a ... lady before me had gotten a ticket for her tinted windows.

Can I have tinted windows on my vehicle? Effective January 1st 2017, examination of tinted or shaded windows will be required during motor vehicle inspections. Section 375 (12-a) of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law does not allow a windshield or front side windows that are dark.

Most drivers would assume that police are more likely to pull over for speeding than tinted windows. If they're driving in NYC, they'd be wrong. Other Talk - Ticket for tinted windows ( New York) - I was pulled over, and ticketed on this dark night for tinted windows. The officer used some.

Below is a list of changes to New York State vehicle and traffic law that took effect. NYS Inspection for Tinted Windows (VTL 375 12-a). If you or someone you love has received a ticket for violating New York's.

New York I just received 2 tickets for 2 windows that were tinted. It's my first time getting a ticket so I do not know what you mean. But no, as I learned firsthand, this is a case of driving a car on Long Island with driver and front passenger windows tinted an infinitesimally.

Ok, so you are not happy with the new law that says your car windows cannot be tinted as dark as you would like them? The New York law. Just got 2 tickets yesterday for having window tints at 20% in the front sides and 5% in the rear + rear sides. I thought the rear was allowed.

5 of 60 for pay a tinted window ticket. Tickets received in New York City - Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) Tickets received outside of New York. The DMV website provides information about Tinted Vehicle Windows. You can receive a traffic ticket if you do not apply for a New York State driver license.

Today I received a ticket from a cop with nothing better. I've been needlessly delayed at NYC window tint checkpoints more than once. My husband got a ticket for tinted windows on our car the other night. As explained by him, he and his friends were on Hempstead Turnpike.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today released a new video designed to educate consumers on New York State's. How to Beat a Window Tint Ticket. Most states have laws that govern how dark you can tint the windows on your car.

Tinting the windows on your vehicle is a common, respectable thing these days. New York should allow tinting to 35% VLT on the front windows, and 5% VLT on the rear sides and back.

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