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Louisiana WINDOW TINT Law Medical Exemption

Louisiana Car Window Tint Law Medical Exemption. On these pages we have performed our best to build up all of the legal information necessary about Louisiana tint law , including how dark the tint is allowed to get and in what way reflective the tint is allowed to get in Louisiana. Aside from the basics, like  tint percentages, there's also additional car window tinting regulations and rules in Louisiana that people have elected available. Louisiana window tint law was initially place into placed in 1993 with Louisiana being the twentieth from the 50 states to enact these tinting laws.


The share of light that your window tint film allows to give your car or truck windows is named the VLT (Visible Light Transmission), every state has different legal allowable limits. The quantity of light allowed to give your film and glass in Louisiana is quite specific towards the state which is different for Passenger Vehicles and Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

Louisiana Window Tint Law Medical Exemption
Louisiana Window Tint Law Medical Exemption
A HIGHER VLT means that more light is allowed to give the window tint film. Example: a 75% tint lets 75% of light to give whereas a 5% tint is only going to allow 5% of light to give, making the 5% tint a much darker film.

 *Front Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line or top 5 inches.
 *Front seat side windows: as much as 40% tint darkness allowed
 *Back seat side windows: as much as 12% tint darkness allowed
 *Rear window : as much as 12% tint darkness allowed

 *Front Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer's AS-1 line or top 5 inches.
 *Front seat side windows: as much as 40% tint darkness allowed
 *Back seat side windows: Any tint darkness can be used
 *Rear window : Any tint darkness can be used

We have created an article discussing everything you must know about VLT and  Window Tint Percentages in your reference. If you want to learn the main difference relating to the tint levels and preview the tint percentages we recommend you check it out.

Louisiana has added important things which you simply must consider regarding window tinting and our recommendation is that you take them into consideration before deciding no matter if you tint your windows:

 *Do I can have side mirrors in Louisiana? Driver side rear-view mirror is required in conjunction with whether windshield mirror or right side mirror. If Windshield mirror is obstructed next right side mirror is required.
 *Is colored tint illegal in Louisiana? All tint colors are allowed in Louisiana except Red and Amber.
 *Which are the Window Tint Certification Rules in Louisiana? Manufacturers of film must certify the film you can purchase within the state. Ask your dealer if they are using certified film.
 *Do I would like a licensed sticker in the company installing my window tint in Louisiana? The sticker to find legal tinting is required relating to the film and glass within the driver's side window.
 *Are available Medical Exemptions in Louisiana for Window Tint ? Louisiana law does allow medical exemptions for tinted windows. Office from the State Police may grant a piece of paper of exemption in the event of certain medical conditions.

Always remember that Louisiana tint laws can modify each day that regulations and rules could be interpreted differently on the city to city or county to county basis. We recommend double-checking the info contained on this web site with the local DMV or local law enforcement agencies for accuracy. This data with regards to window tint laws in Louisiana was last updated on January 7th, 2022.Tinting laws in Louisiana were enacted in 1993. In the event any of the info found here is not up to date or correct be certain to contact us therefore we can fix it.

Louisiana permits operating a motor vehicle with darker tint for your registered vehicle owner, spouse, or family member of an individual who received a medical exemption. Health conditions you can get exemptions for include World Health Organization International Classification of Disease ICD- 9-CM conditions albinoism, lupus, porphyria, or other difficulties for instance photophobia.

Department of Public Safety and Corrections issues an exceptional decal that really must be prominently shown on vehicles all the time indicating tinted windows for medical reasons. A medical exemption affidavit also need to always be carried within the vehicle. When you received an exemption and installed a darker tint on your automobile, you are obligated to clear out it in the event of sale or transfer from the vehicle. Any exemptions granted in Louisiana are at the mercy of review every three years. Persons found guilty of violent crimes or drug offenses are usually not entitled to medical exemptions.

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