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Ceramic WINDOW TINT Colors

Ceramic WINDOW TINT Colors

Ceramic window tint colors - Our Nano-Ceramic window tint utilizes the most advanced automotive technology in the industry Ceramic has increased solar benefits over most other films due to nano-ceramic technology in the hard coat. It blocks out both UV and IR rays for maximum protection. This is my first time to tint my wife's car with a 70% nano ceramic tint and looks ok. Hard to install, need time and patience. Took me 4 hrs for all side window. Definitely you need heat gun to shrink the tint, used the heat gun again after I installed to shrink few fingers. No wrinkles or bubbles.

Window Tinting Trends Window tinting is an excellent way to add both style and function to your vehicle. While many drivers prefer the added privacy of a darkened window tint, that may not be the case for everyone. The latest trend in window tinting provides the same level of protection from the sun's harsh rays, without the tinted window look.

Metalized window tints are mostly color stable as well, but their look is unappealing to many drivers. Metallic window film tends to be shiny and reflective (looking like polished metal, e.g.) and creates a mirrored look that can detract from the appearance of a vehicle. Ceramic window tint is non reflective. Ceramic tints are also inert, and do not block or interfere with the signals from phones, radios.

Choose ceramic tint for clear connectivity and excellent ability to tame heat, glare and UV rays. Our innovative ceramic window tint is available in a generous range of sophisticated charcoal shades, so you can create precisely the look you want. Every single stylish shade is paired with nanoceramic technology.

Ceramic window film, on the other hand, is made with non conductive ceramic particles that are small enough to prevent glare or haze while still blocking infrared light. However, ceramic car window tint oxidizes relatively quickly. This means the nano ceramic window film will make the film’s original color lighter, so the film’s shade becomes lighter, faster than carbon films.

The old saying of “you get what you pay for” applies to window tint, as cheaper film won’t offer the best protection against UV rays and sunlight, as well as potentially change color over time. Car window tint can come in a number of colors, with black, charcoal, gray, gold and bronze being popular. In addition to these basic categories, the actual material used to tint car windows varies. The materials used to create window tint also vary from one product to the next.

Ceramic films can be used on any kind of window, for example, car windows, residential windows or commercial business windows. Solar Control®’s Ceramic window film should be used when you are seeking a durable, reliable and effective window film. S-7 Ceramic Tint protect your skin, eyes and vehicle interior, ensure your windows are tinted with Ceramic S7. Thanks to Ceramic technology, you can enjoy maximum driving visibility in all conditions and our tint can give your car a stylish look with a rich charcoal colour.

SOLYX® Colored Window Films include Translucent Colored Films which offer a Frosted, Solid Colored, Sand-Blasted glass look which creates a unique privacy window film. Our Colored Window Films also feature our popular color shifting Dichroic Window Films and our UV-Stabilized Anti-Glare Window Films.

Window Tint Simulator. Select a vehicle type and color. Then see how the different tint percentages, or as we call it Variable Light Transfers (VLT’s), could look on the front, sides, and back of your vehicle. The LLumar CTX Series offers you a wide range of shades, each completely loaded with our most luxurious, premium features. With nano-ceramic technology, this auto tint to creates an oasis inside your vehicle that’s cooler, easier on the eyes, and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Window Tint A large number of car owners like to have their windows tinted. While some do it to control the interior temperature of the car, others do it for privacy reasons. MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film [Blocks Up to 99% of UV/IRR Rays] Window Tint for Trucks, SUVs, Mini Van - All Side Windows Only, Any Tint Shade 4.1 out of 5 stars 19 $49.99.