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Electrochromic WINDOW TINT Home

Electrochromic WINDOW TINT Film Home

Electrochromic window tint home - Following a long day’s work, you deserve to come home to a place that feels safe and secure. When you’re looking for peace of mind, investing in electronic window tint from ElectraTint can give your family the privacy it craves at the touch of a button. In an instant, our smart window tint can change your windows from transparent to opaque giving you the instant home privacy or shade that you desire.

Smart Tint® switchable film™ applies to any new or existing glass allowing instant control from clear to frosted (private) with the click of a switch. Dim it, Trim it, Project on it, Blocks 99% UV, Easy to install. Smart Cling® Self Adhesive Technology is available in 7 colors and is the next generation in switchable privacy glass film!

In order to isolate this “heating problem” (which can reach 60°C), providers must build their dynamic window surfaces into the interior of expensive new window units. Our proprietary patented electrochromic thin film turns diffusely reflective when activated. This uniquely reflective technology does not suffer from the “heating problem” of the absorptive technologies. Therefore, our thin film can be used to retrofit installed windows.

Electrochromic window tint relies on opposing negative and positive charges particles to darken the tint of windows. When a charge is sent through the material, it becomes negative. When the material becomes negative, a positive charge enters to balance it out. This positive charge is what causes the window to darken. As previously mentioned, it works, but it’s too slow to actually be useful.

Cutting the PDLC FILM to the sheet according to the glass size. 1. The cutting edges need to be neat, any cutting burr will lead to the film breakdown. 2. The film size should be a little shorter than the glass size. Electrode edge: 2~3cm shorter than the glass size. Non-electrode edge: 1cm shorter than the glass size.

Smart windows are made of electrochromic materials that allow them to change their tint from clear to dark blue in response to small electric currents. From the glass mirrors in the Palace of Versailles to the glass pyramid at the Louvre, Saint-Gobain has been a world leader in human advancement and improvement for over 350 years. Today SageGlass carries this heritage of innovation into the future.

Manufactured from the same switchable 4th-gen InvisiShade 4.0 film in all our products, our Lamination Film is the perfect solution for window manufacturers, contractors, and individuals who need the protection and longevity of our finished glass but prefer to do their own lamination (installing the film in a "sandwich" between panes of glass window).

Energy-efficient window tinting goes dark at the flick of a switch. Current electrochromic home window tinting techniques are effective to a point, but there are limitations to the technology. They're generally slow to change state, struggle to achieve high levels of darkness, and rely on a constant current to maintain their tint.

With an electrochromic smart window, it only requires electricity to make the initial change in opacity. Maintaining a particular shade does not require constant voltage. You merely need to apply enough voltage to make the change, and then enough to reverse the change -- making this pretty energy-efficient. In fact, according to Sage Electronics, you can run a house full of electrochromic windows.

No electronic window shades are needed. Once it’s installed, just place the quarter-sized proprietary conducting clip on the Film and plug in the extra-slim cord to the WiFi-enabled transformer. In the electrochromic windows, this color change persists until a change in the external energy source occurs. Hence, flicking a switch to send electricity through an electrochromic window pane allows the user to control darkening or lightening of a tint.