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Benefits Of Ceramic WINDOW TINTING

benefits of ceramic car window tint film

Benefits of ceramic window tinting - Ceramic Window tinting production involves combining ceramic and carbon particles. This combination provides a maximum level of color and heat resistance. This type of tint also provides high visibility in all shades of outdoor lighting. This film doesn’t contain any metal, dye, or carbon. Excellent protection from UV rays and glare – ceramic window tints can protect you from 99% of the UV rays and allow only 50% of light to enter your car, which makes the drivers safer as there would be no sunlight glaring at them while they drive.

Benefits of Installing Ceramic Window Tint. The advance technologies of ceramic window tint help to reduce ultraviolet rays by 80% and it does not comprise of any dyes, which may fade over a period of time. By spending just about 20 to 25% extra than the metallic dyed tints your tint will remain intact. Improve the clarity & the longevity of your windows with ceramic window tinting & film from Sun Control Specialists. Serving Bucks County, PA, click here to learn more about the benefits of window tinting.

Ceramic window tint is non-metallic and instead uses a double layer nano-ceramic technology to block a large part of the sun’s heat, saving your car’s interior from heating up to harmful levels. They can ward off 99% of ultraviolet radiation and also keep infrared radiation out. The pros of metalized car window tinting include: Very effective at blocking out heat and reducing glare. Highly efficient at screening out UV rays. Metalized tinting film doesn't fade over time.

Benefits of Window Film. There are numerous reasons to tint the windows of your home, office, car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or commercial vehicle. Aesthetics, comfort, UV protection, safety, privacy, and energy savings are the primary reasons people choose to tint their windows. The window tinting experts at Glass Tint USA can help you find the right window film for your needs.

Ceramic Window Tinting. Ceramic films are regarded for providing high-quality, high-performance tinting. Made of ceramic particles, it exhibits non-conductive properties while blocking up to 50% of solar heat and up to 99% of UV rays from entering your car’s interiors. If ceramic tint is used on older vehicles, it won’t interfere with aftermarket navigation systems or newly released phones, tablets and laptops. Another benefit to the no-metal film is that the product has no reflective properties.

Bloomington Window Tint can solve both those problems with the wonder of ceramic window films. Ceramic film captures the infra-red part of the light spectrum, eliminates the UV, and allows 70% of the visible light to pass through. The film on the units in the pictures eliminates 92% of the infra-red pass through.

This window tint rejects more heat than metalized, without cell signal interference, and it provides a unique matte look. Ceramic Window Tint (Best) – The best results from a window film. Ceramic films use ceramic particles to reject heat, sun glare, and UV rays. This film offers the highest levels of all categories while never sacrificing visibility. What Makes Ceramic Window Tint the Best?

Benefits of window tinting include heat, UV, and glare protection. LLumar window tint blocks more than 99% of harmful UV rays**, helping to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the sun. LLumar's non-metallized ceramic window tint maximizes these benefits without interfering with your keyless entry, radar detector, mobile phone, and other radio frequency technology you rely on in your vehicle.

Ceramic CIR window tints prevent the highest percentage of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and infrared rays from penetrating vehicle windows, making it one of the most effective window tints on the market. You definitely want to block these UV rays. Ceramic tint’s comfort-driven, heat-rejecting technology helps keep you and the surfaces inside your car from overheating. Worry less about aging and fading with powerful UV protection that helps protect your skin and maintain the look of your car’s interior.

Ceramic window film also comes in varying shades, so consumers benefit from whatever level of privacy and security desired. Because there is no metal involved (as with metallic window film, which is excellent at blocking UV ray s and sun glare), ceramic window films do not interfere with cellular or gadget wi-fi or cell tower reception.