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35 Percent Window Tint VS 20

35 Percent Window Tint VS 20. Keep in mind that if you choose a tint that's beyond what is legal, you put yourself at risk of getting pulled over. This is a noticeably dark tint on a vehicle. I have personally had 35% on front windows and could not see out well at night. I think 20% looks better but I would not go any darker than 35% on the two front windows. I was always worried I wouldn't see a pedestrian trying to cross the street as I was turning right in our downtown area (lots of pedestrians who don't look out for themselves).

35% vs 20% vs 5% Window Tint! What tint is best for you ...
35% vs 20% vs 5% Window Tint! What tint is best for you ... (Benjamin Washington)
Now that you have a better idea of how tint percentages work, continue reading to learn how a too-dark tint can become dangerous. This is a noticeably dark tint on a vehicle.. The window tint percentage you choose should accomplish the look and protection that you want.

Thirty-five percent shade is the maximum allowed by Michigan law.

Get eye exam and pretend your eyes have to squint when light is on them, ask for a prescription for window tint. 35% tinting: This tint is much better than the 20 % tinting because it will not be difficult for you to see through the windows. It will also give you a darker appearance inside your car so that you can enjoy your privacy with ease.

This is commonly what is referred to as "factory tint". Sometimes manufacturers apply a tint at the factory. This level of tint is usually in the 15-20% range. This is a safe range for factory tinting because many states place restrictions on the level of tint vehicles can have. I am getting confused between putting a 20% vs 35% VLT on my rear windshield & rear windows. Here are the properties of the 3M crystalline tint I am considering: 20% Tint ---> VLT 21%, TSER 62%, IRR 97%, UVR 99%+, VL Reflected 5% 35% Tint.

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It should be noted that the legal limits for tints vary by state, so the chart in the reference should be studied before any purchase.. Tint is a lot more noticable in the day and on lighter cars. Tint percentage refers to the amount of light a tint allows to transmit thorough to the window.